Mainstreet Media and the Propaganda Machine

I watch a variety of news programs daily. RT is definitely on that list. This is the conclusion I have come to when it comes to news programming. They ALL have their own agenda. FOX news supports the right-wing (GOP) ideology and MSNBC and CNN support the left-wing (democrat) ideology. They are all owned by corporations whose agenda is to make sure our government does what is beneficial to their “bottom-line.” News sells. It’s good for advertisers. Stoking the fire of a “possible war” is even better to boost ratings. Fear sells. It’s not important to them to make sure they have their facts straight.

Let’s take the recent events in the Ukraine. It’s the job of the American media to push the agenda of the White House. How many mainstream media channels have questioned remarks made by the White House about Putin’s actions? Does anyone ask about the hypocrisy of the United States government when it comes to them invading sovereign nations? They can play all the word games they want; “We are serving as advisers.” “We are engaging in humanitarian efforts.” “We are nation building.” The real agenda is never what people are told by their media sources and those journalists who do not play along, are fired. Just ask Phil Donahue who was fired for speaking against the first Gulf War.

Let’s be honest ALL countries use propaganda via their media to get their citizens on board with their government’s decisions. That does not make it right. It is the job for all journalists to question everything and that includes the motives and actions by their own governments. That is what a free and open press is supposed to be about, other wise they are only puppets.

I watch the press corps ask the White House spoke person’s questions and from what I have seen, they do not ask the tough questions. Its one big dog-and-pony show. If a serious question is asked, the White House spokesperson either side steps it or gives some “canned” answer. The journalist doesn’t push harder to get a straight answer. I ask the tough questions but they can’t hear me because I’m in my living room yelling at my television.

I call the White House to get some answers but the only person I talk to is some intern who politely tells me she will pass it on.

I hope the average American citizen can see through all that media bull and figure out what is really going on. And I hope more journalists will have the guts to ask “real” questions and point out the hypocrisy of our government leaders.

Europeans aren’t fooled by Washington but their statements aren’t reported on American news very much, if at all. The White House thinks the world believes we are the “saviors” of the world. They are dead wrong and more and more countries are tired of hearing it. Actions speak louder than words…ask any family living in a country we are supposedly “helping” who has lost children from a drone attack.

I may not be a big name journalist but I will continue to question the motives, whether it’s  private corporations or our government.

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