Kring as Fredo: What was Curt thinking?




Anaheim Insider here.

Can you say, “liability?”

Those of us who think the world of Curt Pringle, who have attached ourselves to him like barnacles, believing him to be the Machiavellian genius who will remake Anaheim in his image, and whose crumbs will inevitably fall into our gaping mouths, started to experience grave pangs of doubt in his intelligence beginning with his choice of Councilwoman Lucille Kring as his horse in the Mayoral race.

In retrospect, maybe that was a sign that our god has clay feet, that Curt doesn’t always know what he’s doing any more.  Maybe it’s an early sign that rats should begin looking about for lifeboats.  In what sort of altered state could it have appeared wise to wed one’s fate to a person so undeniably stupid, weak, disloyal, and regularly inebriated?

There’s little doubt in most of us Insiders’ minds that old Lucille was three sheets to the wind when she made her crack that it’s “always a good outcome” when the fatal shooting of a suspect “saves us the cost of a trial!”  Did she forget that was the same forum where stupid Gail splashed so much mud on our faces back in aught-12 by thanking God for the riot saving us from having to cast embarrassing votes “without a shot fired?”

Three sheets to the wind?  Yes, I’ve personally witnessed Ms. “Pop-the-Cork” passed out shitfaced at the table at TWO recent Pringle events.  I know, everybody looks away, avoids the subject, but… THIS MAYOR THING IS NOT GOING TO WORK OUT.

And bad judgment clouds the minds of those who drink regularly, even when they’re sober.  How about that PATHETIC performance at the OCGOP?  “Yes, I promised some people, but… it wasn’t on my campaign literature.”  WTF???  If you’re going to LIE, and I assume Curt chose Lucille for her willingness to lie, you LIE BALD-FACED!  Like:  “No, I never promised anyone anything, and if they say I did, they misheard, they’re misremembering, or THEY’RE lying.”  See, THAT’S how you do it.  Even I know that, and I’m just a lowly sycophant.

Hey, I wonder if Tait or Galloway are needing any new sycophants.

Those of us Insiders who remember the Godfather trilogy well (actually that’s all of us) keep thinking of Fredo, Michael Corleone’s undependable, weak, drunken, disloyal, hungry-for-approval-from-anyone brother, whom Michael finally just had to cut loose.  Maybe Lucille should resign, and “save herself the cost” of … whatever is the political equivalent of a late night boat ride out onto that dark, quiet lake.

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