California GMO Labeling Bill Passes Health Committee





The California Senate Health Committee passes SB – 1381 to Label Genetically Engineered foods.

Senator Noreen Evans (D) introduced the bill last month.  It will now move on to either the Senate Judiciary or Agriculture Committee. This is the first bill to require three different committees before going to a vote.

We need your help to ensure this bill is passed.

These are the names of the members on the Ag Committee:

Susan Eggman (Chair) (D)  (916) 319-2013

Kristin Olsen (Vice Chair) (R)   (916) 319-2012 

Toni Atkins (D)  (916) 319-2078

Brian Dahle (R)   (530) 271-0201

Richard Pan (D)   (916) 319-2009

Bill Quirk (D)   (916) 319-2020

Mariko Yamada (D)   (916) 319-2004


Call and tell them to support SB- 1381 and tell them to label GMOs!




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