Brea’s Daniel Dwyer Finishes His Song, With Six Talented Assistants, on TV Today at 3:30!

Hot off the presses!  (Actually, in this case, I think that Orange Juice Blog itself IS “the presses”!)

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Exciting News!  
Today on Inside Edition Daniel Dwyer will be interviewed and he will sing the song that was interrupted by the earthquake.  He has some great backup soloists including Julianne Sexton, Tori Stuht, Rhyan Belanger, Maddie Miller, Becka Heagle and Julia Dwyer (staff member and sister – they needed 6).
The show airs on channel 9 at 3:30pm.  We have no idea what they will air but it sounds like they spent quite a bit of time filming.  The Chicago trip was mentioned and they are going to put our information on their website.  More requests are flowing in as we speak.  Fun to be making lemonade out of lemons right???  
I will keep you updated!!  A big thank you to Tinna Middler and the Curtis Theatre who allowed the group to perform on their stage because ours is unavailable. They are also willing to let us do it again if we get requests to do so.  

As I reported yesterday from the “Proud Brea Show Choir Parent” beat, Daniel Dwyer is going to be a star — you might as well get used to it, and in any event you’re going to enjoy it.  (Other members of the cast likely will be also, but Dwyer — who is not only a wonderful singer but a fantastic comic actor and jester — is the “mortal lock.”)  It was Dwyer who was singing when the earthquake hit on Friday night; he was the last to leave the stage when it became clear — largely from screaming in the audience and from his colleagues rushing off to the wings — that the saying “the show must go on” does have its limits.

Dwyer is so talented that he didn’t really need his “big break” — let alone a big break that would also hit windows and water mains — but the desire of the Brea-Olinda Show Choirs to rebuild their damages sets and equipment quickly enough to win a national championship three weeks from now is such a good story that of course the entertainment press has taken notice and it’s giving him one anyway.

Like the e-mail says: today at 3:30 p.m., Dwyer and a band of cool and tuneful young women including his “Bye Bye Birdie” co-star Julianne Sexton and his sister Julia Dwyer will appear on Inside Edition and finish their song.  (My only regret is that, instead of “Talk to Me,” he doesn’t get to repeat his performance of the most well-known song from the musical, “Put On a Happy Face.”  Well, my other regret is that he doesn’t get to do any of his loopy, zany comedy — ideally along with his fellow “Thundercats.”)  A big thank you to the Curtis Theater for facilitating the performance — they put the “community” in community theater!

Mr. Sulu, set the DVR to STUN!

Daniel Dwyer and co-star Tatiana Alvarez in Friday's performance of Bye Bye Birdie.

Daniel Dwyer being scolded by Tatiana Alvarez.  You have about one hour after this is posted to get to your DVR!

And if you want to help the Brea Show Choirs recoup in time for their big trip to Chicago for nationals — yes, you have seen this plot before on Glee — you can and should visit their home page, whether you’ll be donating money or just moral support!

One last thing: Brea-Olinda, as you can tell from that website, has a wonderful parent base that (except for those of us who can’t afford it) donates generously to its nationally top-ranked performers.  But, while I have no relationship with Sonora High School other than proximity, they are the ones that were located a few hundred yards from the epicenter of Friday’s major quakes.  About half of Sonora High’s students are Latino; the school generally services the less wealthy areas of La Habra  and Brea.  Sonora’s Daily Bulletindoesn’t make more than a glancing mention of the earthquakes on the students’ first day back from Spring Break, but I’m sure that they have their own pressing needs in the wake of the quake — and I hope that, in the days and weeks to come, we’ll keep an eye on those needs as well.

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