Why are they killing the great Chefs?

The American Food Supply has been compromised.  How did it happen?  When did it happen?  Why did it happen?  The story begins with the introduction of the ubiquitity of the Soy Bean revolution which began in earnest in the early 1970’s.  Soy beans were not worth much in 1971.  You couldn’t sell Soy Beans for cattle feed, because it just didn’t taste good.  The cattle feed with soy in it, was finding cattle turning up their noses to it.  Dairy cattle were especially resistant to eating Soy Beans……because they offered little or no food value or ergs (energy units).  So, the Soy Bean farmers – who were being subsidized by the government – because we already had too much wheat and corn and oats – varigated their crops.  The Department of Agriculture suggested at that time, that every other year farmers should change what crops were planted – so the earth and ground could replenish the minerals.  Soon, Soy Bean farmers figured out that if they mixed Soy Beans with Corn Feed…..those Iowa Cattle people could make their feed half the price…especially in years with low corn output.

Soy Bomb

Oh, yeah — it’s REAL! It was at the Grammy Awards in 1998! Look it up!

We all might recall that during the Jimmy Carter years, our excess Corn and Wheat were put into silos – which quickly fermented and went bad.  Carter determined in his wisdom to instead ship our excess corn to third world countries – to feed the poor and indenture third world countries to the United States of America.  Hey, we were feeding the world.  How bad could that be?  Well, what is stronger than Big Agra?  Try Big Chemical.  Try Big Oil.  Try the growth industry of the 70’s – Big Pharma.  Pretty soon  Big Chemical was busy trying to make Soy Beans impervious to disease.  Tired of having those pesky Kady Did’s eat your crop – hey, try this Soy Bean with gene spliced Round Up pesticide built right into the seed.  Hey, you might be able to get two full crops a year, instead of just one paltry outing.  They then got the farmers, not to recycle their soy bean seeds, but buy new and improved ones every year.  Instead of having to use pesticide twice a year – you only needed to use it once for two crops!  Sounded good didn’t it.  Of course the price of the seeds went up every year as with any business that needs to improve profits.

Soon Soy Beans got to be used by all the majors like General Mills, Nabisco and a raft of others.  Soy Bean oil, Soy Bean protein, Soy bean lecithin became important as fillers to most things like Ritz Crackers, Cheetoz and other so called junk foods – which now include Saltine Crackers too!  In order to augment these so called Emulsifiers – Hydrogenated Oil, Leavening, Cotton seed, Linseed and other items which cannot be spoken easily – have become part and parcel of our food supply.

Why would anyone manufacture a perfectly good food product from these items?  Easy – improved profits.  How does adding any of these things improve profits?  Easy it adds Shelf-Life.  Remember, the bad old days when a Tomato only lasted three or four days once off the vine?  Why do they last upwards of  a month now?  What do they say?  Name your poison?  Breakfast cereral which used to last six weeks….now lasts upward of 16 months with the additives that have been added to our food.  Today, manufactures in the United States can stockpile products for years at a time.  The problems:  (1)  The product doesn’t taste the same as it used to.  (2) The product does not digest properly (3) The product does not give you the nutrition that you once got and still expect. (4) There are many studies which conclude that  Soy generates Estrogen (female attributes) in the human body.  Fully Hydrogenated or Partially Hydrogenated oils have a tendency to build up fat in the cells & organs of the human body and many times causes a variety of cancers.

These issues of course do not in any way mention the overuse of Antibiotics in cattle and chicken feed.  These items do not mention the many Hormones which are being added to our Chicken and other feed animals to improve growth and yeilds – with little or no regard to the health implications to those that ingest these items.   These issues of course, do not mention the huge impact on the FDA and other oversight Government Agencies which are either powerless or paid off NOT to take the reigns and control our food supply.  Why do manufacturers in the United States use one formula for the domestic market and several other formulas for the foreign markets.  The classic Coca Cola story is exactly on point.  Which Coca Cola has more sugar in it?  The one that goes to Mexico!

Sadly, if you look into hair products, skin care products or anything else – you will soon discover just how polluted our system has become.  Ever heard of Parabens?  Ever heard of the 90% of the chemicals they put into anything you might buy?  Why so many chemicals?  What does each chemical do?  What is it designed to do?  Why can’t it be removed without harm to the product or its effectiveness?

When you call any manufacturer…..which we encourage you to do ………ask them to remove the Soy products, remove the Hydrogenated Oil and other products and ask them why they need those things in the products they produce.  Of course, if one day you wake up and realize that the spare tire around your waist is not your fault – but that of totally undigestible food – you buy at the store or ingest at your local restaurant….maybe you will have seen the light and will alter your buying behavior and ingesting behavior.  Americans need to boycott food products which don’t work.  What is interesting is that China just signed a big deal to import 100% GMO Soy into China.  Wonder who they want to get rid of in China?  Maybe they think it is totally safe?  Maybe they think that the European Union and most of the rest of the world won’t buy our stupid Soy Bean fillers because they are just dumber than snot?  Brazil and Argentina are the biggest exporters of both GMO and Non-GMO Soy on the planet.  The demand for Non-GMO Soy goes directly to Europe, but as the Chinese’ demand for GMO Soy is rising…..this is becoming another troublesome business decision for the near future.

We haven’t talked about the GMO Corn and GMO Wheat products in the United States – but that is another story.  Look at your Multi-Grain bread and see how much Soy or Soy products have been added to your so called – All Natural selection.

Why are they killing the great Chefs?  You got us!













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