Great Park Forensic Audit Here! Peruse and Discuss. Inquisitors and Apologists Welcome.

[Vern here]  Thanks to OJ friend and stalwart Irvine conservative Allan Bartlett, the Orange Juice Blog now has (before anyone else) the full, long-awaited, forensic audit of the goings-on thus far with the Irvine, I mean Orange County Great Park.  Is it as damning as Allan seems to think, or is he looking at it through wishful lenses?  I don’t know, I haven’t even opened it yet, just wanted to share it with you all!  If Agran and his crew have been half as wasteful and crooked as their critics claim, I’ll be the first Democrat to rake them over the coals.  But let’s see what’s up here first, yes?  Click…

Great Park Forensic Audit.

Damn, 106 pages, and it’s NOT the kind of PDF that I can copy and paste, or I WOULD put it all here.  You gotta click.

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