Hard Choices: Should California Release 1000 Drug Users or 1000 Violent Rapists?

California is likely to have to release about 1000 prisoners before the completion of their sentences by the end of the year, because judges say that there are apparently limits to how tightly you can cram people into prisons without adequate medical care.  So, who should the state release: (1) people convicted of non-violent use or sale of illegal drugs or (2) violent rapists and murderers?

Crack user may respond to treatment; violent skinhead perhaps less so

To your left, a Polish crack user who was sentenced to treatment and was allegedly able to recover. To your right, a violent skinhead in U.S. prison system. Nah, I can’t figure out which one is better to release either.

Well, I’m stumped.  I have to ask your advice on this one.  We’re not doing some cheesy anonymous poll here, though: make your case below for one or the other in a comment.  Who, if you have to choose, would you rather see released prior to the end of their sentence by the end of the year?  (And would Jesse Aguirre be a better or worse choice than either here?  Do they need to make room in Pelican Bay?)


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