California, a Progressive State? Not When it Comes to Your Food!

Maine is the newest state to move forward with labeling GMOs. Last week it was Connecticut. Vermont is not giving up either — even with the threat of a lawsuit by Monsanto. So what’s up with the supposedly most progressive, liberal state in the union — California?  Last November Prop. 37 failed (not by much though). But still over half of voting Californians don’t think they have the right to know what they are eating? I still can’t believe voters allowed themselves to be duped by Monsanto — is it due to all the GMO corn syrup they have been ingesting?


Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.),  recently tried to get votes to repeal the Monsanto Protection Act Bill, however, he was not successful, BUT at least he brought up the discussion. Are you aware that five countries canceled ALL their wheat orders from the United States? Why? Because Monsanto’s unapproved wheat went rogue and was discovered  in some field in Oregon — the wheat Monsanto now claim they destroyed. Has Monsanto ever heard of pollination? — how about animals and birds eating the crops and then pooping it out somewhere else? — do they understand how “wind” works? –or are they just plain lying? I will go with Door #4 —they are lying and hope the public will buy it as fast as they do their unlabeled gmo foods.


So what is happening behind the doors of our representatives in the State of California? I did a word-search on the website for gmo bills or committees even discussing gmo related issues in the Assembly or State Senate. I came up with a big fat nothing. So much for our fantasy about being progressive.

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