Moms, Dads and Kids say “No” to Monsanto – Laguna Beach Style

As you already know — if you read Greg Diamond’s post here yesterday,  The March Against Monsanto last Saturday got zero coverage. Not just the marches in Southern California — I mean worldwide.  Yes, there were a few local medias that covered them, but nothing major.  Why? In my opinion, because Monsanto  sees us a s a threat otherwise, they wouldn’t care who reported our protests. Even though there was no mention by the major networks, social media was on fire. Type in March Against Monsanto on Google or  Twitter and hundreds of articles pop up. If mainstream media continues to ignore stories that impact us, they will become extinct.  Just take a look at the Facebook pages of Pepsi, Kellogg, and any other major brand that uses GMOs in their food products.  99.9% of the comments mention their use of GMOs and  consumers are refusing to buy them. Other companies who never used GMOs, or recently switched to NON-GMO are enjoying a larger market share. It won’t be long before companies like Kellogg are forced to switch to NON-GMO ingredients in order to keep shareholders happy.

The estimated attendance for the march was around 1,000, which is outstanding since the town of Laguna Beach has almost zero parking.  Many moms and dads brought their kids, along with a lot of enthusiasm. This march was a perfect example of  democracy in action.

D’Marie Mulattieri one of the organizers gave me her thoughts about the days events, “It was a perfect day and an even more perfect march. The people who volunteered to organize the march as well those participating are passionate about limiting our exposure to health debilitating GMOs, whether that be labeling or the complete eradication from the food supply. We don’t have an actual count, however, it felt as if we had as many people attending yesterday’s march as we did when we organized the International Day of Protest on October 15, 2011 in Orange County where 1,300 residents participated. So I think we had close to 1,000 people including men, women and lots of children. We created quite an impact in Laguna Beach. Our speakers were fantastic and gave a lot of science as well as first hand personal experiences why GMOs are so dangerous. This is just the beginning. We are forming an Orange County coalition so that all the GMO Free organizations, like LabelGMOs, Mothers Across America and others will all work together in synergy to put an end to Monsanto’s disastrous plan to own and infect the world’s food supply. United we win, divide we lose.”

The event started with people gathering at the main beach, many jumping right in and holding signs, chanting “Hey-hey – ho – ho — GMOs have got to go!”  Many cars driving by either honked or gave the “thumbs up” sign to protestors.  There were even a few Tea Party people there.  The actual march began at 11 am — protesters wound their way through the downtown area … if there was anyone within hearing distance that did not know what a gmo was… they do now! — and ended up back at the main beach, where they listened to speakers from many walks of life.

I have to say my favorite speaker was six year old first grader, Alicia Serratos, who petitioned the Girl Scouts for GMO Free cookies.  She also lead the Walmart, GMO FREE, Kelloggs  “Honk N Wave” action a few months ago.

Dr. Deanna Windham from the Whitaker Wellness Institute spoke about GMOs and the scientific research concluding that GMOs cause a myriad of illnesses from allergies to cancer.





 If Monsanto thinks this is it for protests…they are in for a rude awakening — this is the beginning… People are fired up! For those of you who are new to Monsanto’s game, here is how you can participate.  First off, go to the Non-GMO Project homepage — you will find a list of food manufacturers who are verified GMO free. Get the Non-GMO app from I-tunes, it’s FREE!  Don’t Eat That, an app that gives users personalized food safety information. Because today’s food labels are confusing.  Don’t Eat That  provides information on over 1,900 food additives and ingredients — you can download it for only $1.99… knowing what’s really lurking behind that label? Priceless! Want more information about your food’s safety? Go to


Want to send your state legislator an email or call them to tell them you want GMO foods labeled? Here is the website that will give you that information, along with what bills are being discussed now. How easy is that? Now everyone can find some way to participate in our democracy. I understand most people are not comfortable standing on a sidewalk holding a sign (what if my neighbor sees me?) and many won’t post their real name when engaging in a debate on social media. It takes courage and plain-old-not-caring-what-others-will-think kind of attitude. If you think that’s hard –try fighting cancer — especially when you might have prevented it by knowing you were eating toxic food.

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