Confusing Homelessness with Police Brutality


by Matt Leslie, from the Fullerton Rag

Two recent editorials by OC Human Relations Executive Director Rusty Kennedy attempt to make the case for a county homeless shelter in Fullerton by asserting that people like the late Kelly Thomas would be better off for its establishment. While it may be true that mentally ill and other homeless people would benefit from services offered by such a shelter, the murder of a mentally ill homeless man by the city’s police should not be confused with the need to shelter people.

Mr. Kennedy begins his front page piece in the Observer’s Mid May edition by asserting that “When Kelly Thomas lay dying in the street, it was a wake-up call that we need to set aside some of our animosities…” No, it was a wake-up call that the police had beaten a defenseless man to death., and might get away with it if the community sat by and did nothing about it. If Mr. Kennedy wishes to see that animosities are set aside, he should support effective oversight of the Fullerton Police Department

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