Pictures from an Exploitation: Royce’s Women’s Conference Almost Draws a Crowd

For now, I just want to post some captioned photos from today’s 5th Annual Representative Ed Royce’s Women’s Conference at the Cal State Fullerton campus.  The full story will take more time — but I think it will be worth it.  Photos are in chronological order (with a few extraneous insertions, as noted.)

Agitators from Democratic Party (at left) and church-based immigration fairness group

Agitators from Democrats of North Orange County and friends at left; church-based immigration fairness group at right.

Democratic Agitators #1

The hand-written sign at bottom left announced the day’s theme:

Democratic Agitators #2

“Royce’s ‘Women’s Conference’: Let’s Discuss Good Housekeeping — But Not Good Lawmaking!”

Democratic Agitators #4

The time, according to my camera phone, was 9:03 a.m.

Democratic Agitators #3

My being added to the photo adds little except illegibility.

Conference attendee Dot DeLeon talks to agitators

Conference attendee Dot DeLeon explains to agitators why she had walked out of a breakout session on health that had seemed to her to be on the basic side.

BIG picture of Ed Royce

The purpose of the taxpayer-funded conference was to talk to women about women’s issues — like cooking, health, and personal finance — not to promote any particular political candidate.

Main Room (empty)

About 250 people had been gathered in the main room before breakout sessions. This count apparently includes Royce staffers and a large number of undercover correspondents for Orange Juice Blog and other Royce critics.

Tax for Snacks!

By 9:37, most of the taxpayer-funded snacks were gone — but not all!

Cooking Class #2

… presumably grateful to Rep. Ed Royce for the free lessons.

Cooking Class #1

The “Cooking Class” breakout session was attended by tens of women …

Getting Ahead Class

Here literally tens of women learned how to get ahead of those who did not attend the taxpayer-funded free conference arranged by the staff of Rep. Ed Royce.


Young Kim outside "Getting Ahead" breakout session

Outside the “Getting Ahead” session I found Royce staffer Young Kim, an expected candidate against Sharon Quirk-Silva for AD-65.  Excited at the prospect of being able to get a file photo (with a name tag!) for the 2014 campaign, I asked her if I could take her picture. After asking my purpose, name, and affiliation, and other preliminary questions, she agreed to smile and pose. The unusual character of her smile appears to be due to my clicking the shutter just a few milliseconds after she belatedly recognized either my name or that of the blog.

Good Credit Class #1

I next went to Orange County’s Credit Union’s session on personal finance. I liked what I saw of it. I look forward to the free men’s class on personal finance. One insight: attend free classes!

Good Credit Class #2

I think that we can safely increase our audience estimate for this panel from “tens” of attendees to “dozens” of attendees!

Orange County's Credit Union table #1

Orange County’s Credit Union set forth an impressive table — and they had oranges! Best of all, I don’t think that they had been paid for by taxpayers, unless the Credit Union is a subsidiary of one of the “too big to fail” banks that got bailed out during Rep. Royce’s time as Chair of the House Financial Services Committee.

Orange Credit Union #2

They were a;sp certainly prepared for a larger crowd, which — despite the efforts of the Orange Juice Blog to publicize the conference — did not materialize.

Royce's wife speaks #1

On my way out of the building at 9:45, I saw Rep. Royce’s wife, Mary Porter, talking animatedly to a crowd of students, workers, interns, or something like that. I like taking more that one picture of this kind of action …

Royce's wife speaks #2

… so that in at least one of them, something like this didn’t happen. By the way, at the time I did not even notice the presence of Rep. Royce in her audience.

Royce - with wife Mary Porter

(This is a portrait of Rep. Royce with his wife at a gala for the Indian Diaspora. No word on his website about any personal finance and cooking classes for diasporic Indians, though.)

Photographer gets noticed

I was saddened that, having been distracted by the lighter clothing of his wife, I still thought that I had missed getting a shot of the elusive Rep. Royce. At 9:58, I was told by someone outside that he was in the building at the Registration desk. Catlike (or at least as catlike as I ever get) I walked down a side aisle to get a candid shot of him with my cell phone — which incidentally does not resemble any of the firearms that Rep. Royce wants people to be able to carry in public. It was only after snapping the photo that I realized that my presence had created a fuss. (The woman wearing white in the foreground had been quite pleasant to me prior to this and is not shown to her greatest advantage here.)  The purple blur to the right is a portion of $160,000+/year Royce Chief of Staff Amy Porter, coming to tell me that no photography was allowed at this public event.  Royce’s wife is seen next to where he is, inexplicably, crouching.  The blurry woman in yellow behind her is, if my research is accurate Royce’s Deputy or Assistant or some such Chief of Staff Sarah Catalan (who would identify me only as Sarah), also apparently reacting out of extreme concern about the dangers of cellphone photography.   (But all of that is a story for another time.)


Sarah Catalan with Eric Cantor

Sarah Catalan is not only tall when compared to Ed Royce by the way.  She also appears to have the ability to effortlessly adjust  the sincerity of her smile to match the soul of the person standing next to her.  (I’m skipping one — and only one — of the photos I took, by the way. It’s nothing embarrassing for anyone.)

Photo from outside of the building

This photo was taken of Amy and Sarah, as I like to call them, at 10:10 from outside of the building — although no one disputed my right to be in the building and (if I understand them correctly) to register as “press” and even take photos inside the building if I chose to do so — after 12 interesting minutes during which I was not under police custody for taking a photo of Ed Royce (or otherwise.). A magnification of the central group (showing that Amy Porter was indeed wearing purple) appears below, as does a clearer photo of Ms. Porter from the Washington Post, where she was featured taking her dog into one of the Capitol Office Buildings.

Amy Porter with her dog

Amy Porter with a better companion than Rep. Eric Cantor.

Amy Porter and some friends

Amy Porter (in purple, at right), Sarah Catalan, and two shorter men.

Young Kim (OJB file photo)

And, as a special treat before we go, introducing the (cropped) official 2013-2014 election cycle Orange Juice Blog file photo of Young Kim!

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