A VAT and Gun Control……

Vat & gunsThe only thing that separates the United States from being Europe West is simply adding a VAT and Unconstituional Gun Control.   The United States can easily turn into the One World Order by simply passing a new 22% VAT (Value Added Tax) and then passing a national gun confiscation law against any firearm which “could fire” over one bullet at a time without cranking the bolt or reloading.

Adolph Hitler passed the 1935 Gun Registration Act in the German Fatherland.  Adolph made it is to find out who owned what and where.  It became an easy thing to simply send out his Brown Shirts to pick up every Jewish firearm in 1936.  It became even easier to go out pick up every immigrant firearm in 1937.  Adolph believed that every German needed to follow the Kantian pretext of Work, Faith and the Fatherland.  Those that failed to follow these rules soon became the target of gun confiscation in 1938, whether they were natural born Germans or not.

The VAT is a concept built upon the idea that every purchase should be taxed.  Every Pepsi or Coke, every potato chip or burger from a fast food restaurant needs to be taxed by the Federal Government.  This is called simply a “Consumption Tax”.   You decide to buy it……you are taxed.  Buy a car…..pay a VAT (Value Added Tax).  Buy a candy bar – pay a VAT.  Buy a cup of coffee….pay a VAT.  Get the idea?

The Value Added Tax is a diabolical idea…..based on the fact that no one wants to pay Income Tax.  The proponents suggest:  Just use a consumption tax and you won’t have to file an IRS income tax statement.  We can make the IRS ….go away if only we use a VAT in its place.   There was a great movie called:  “Sex, Lies and Video Tapes”.  Misrepresenting issues is the name of the game.  Think of the great tax free status of every Corporation, Company, City, County and State if only they can get folks to buy off on a Value Added Tax (VAT).

It always starts like this:  The proponents suggest that in the transitional years………regular IRS filings will be required.  However, during these years Americans will also be gettin the VAT.  Each of the first three years, each purchase will be reimbursed to the tax filer.  After three years, the concept is that the IRS filings of Income Tax will cease and from then on……the VAT will take the place of IRS filings.  The VAR will start with a 10% figure, followed by 11%, 12% and so on…until it reaches 22%, when folks will then have to vote to raise that number.  Get it?  The percentage reimbursed will decline and the amount charge raised.  Simple math!  Can you imagine relying on the Congress of the United States to rein in spending?

In any event, nothing will separate the European Communtiy from the United States should the VAT be implemented and following that, the confiscation of all firearms for those of  certain persuasions.  The difference of course is that Americans do not get 6 to 8 weeks of vacation each year.  Americans do not have a National Healthcare system.  Americans do not have a Retirement Income which  assures that all the older folks ……do not have to live in poverty.

Whatever happens in this country, we need to fight against a VAT, against gun control and finally against those that want us to pay for a Healthcare System  without Personal Liability limits.  Let us not become another part of the European Community without any of the benefits.  Let us not adopt “A VAT and Gun Control…..”  We do not want to be Europeans….we want to be Americans!





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