Mr. President, Spike the Football!


Life along the Fiscal Cliff is rather frustrating.  This “Fiscal Cliff Issue” goes on and on with an entire lifeform of its own, sandbagging, barnstorming, arm waving, lying and has become the total cottage industry for all media outlets!  The Republicans..who lost the elections by the way – have yet to admit that they have zero moral authority to do anything but do what the President has requested them to do.  As the Loyal Opposition, yes they can state their case and prognosticate the outcome of the Presidents policies once they are implemented.

The Republicans have become totally dysfunctional.  They have chased one “Straw Man issue” after the other, trying to drum up public outrage and opposition to the President while even the most strident in their party…..are starting to sense the total waste of time and lack of moving our country forward these policies are engendering.  How long can the screaming continue about Susan Rice, Fast and Furious and Benghazi?  Screaming the word “Entitlements” in a theater should be against the law.  Which Entitlements again?  How about Social Security?  No Cost of Living Increase for 2013?  Just say so.  How about Disabled Veterans?  No Cost of Living Increase for them either?  How about Medicare?  Cut Back Benefits and issue Vouchers?  Just say so!   We are confused Mitch McConnell….just say it straight out… need to Sugar Coat.  Want to take away the Mortgage Deduction and the College Education Deduction from the Middle Class?  Just say so!

We need clarity here in the United States!  We need to know that Big Banking will continue to receive Interest Free Grants and Loans for the foreseeable future.  Republicans…are you in favor of that?  Just say so!  Doing away with Pensions and Retirement pay for Public and Private Employees in the United States?  Just say so!  It is OK…..the election is over…….it is Obama Time!  Not Romney Time!  Not McCain Time!  Not Graham Time!  Not Karl Rove, Grover Norquist, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly or Sean Hannity Time…….no folks it is Obama Time!  So just get used to it.  Give the President his tax cuts for all of us in the Middle Class.  How much will that hurt your injured pride?  How much will that cost in your support back home when the next Mid-Term Election occurs in two years?

Right now, we could care less….Go Over the Fiscal Cliff……”Make our day!”  It will be fun to see how many seats Republicans give up in two years!   30, 50 or what an unbelievable 100 seats?  Your strategy of Self-Destruct….is totally amazing.  YOU LOST THE ELECTION!  DO THE RIGHT THING OR PAY THE PRICE!

Trying to re-define the philosophy of Republican Party is your current problem –  not the issues on the table by the President of the United States.  Who will be your spokesperson?  Rubio – too young!  Paul Ryan – too weird!  McCain – too old!  Graham – too bizarre!  McConnell – will lose to Ashley Judd in the next election!  Chris Christie – Able but needs a serious diet to show he cares about not only the people of the United States – but himself.  Jeb Bush – better take the lead and keep it……right now.  Hillary will be impossible to beat….even if she decides NOT to run!

Mr. President, this is a formal notice of Congratulations from the people of the United States!  The time has come for you to become the Old Bull, the Wise Bull, the Benevolent Bull and our Great Leader with hope, optimism and love in your heart.  Mr. President, time to Spike the Football.  You have the people behind you and the Republicans are in complete disarray.  They have no heart, no soul and no desire to change!  Do what you need to do.  Unless they change their ways you have the moral authority to do whatever you want for two more years.  Do that well, and two more years will be yours to save our country, grow the economy and protect those that cannot protect themselves.

The Republicans may be going over the Fiscal Cliff…..but we don’t want to go with them.  Let the Republicans take ALL THE CREDIT for going over the Fiscal Cliff……..they totally deserve it.  We are completely behind you Mr. President – now – Spike the Football and remind those strident Republicans,  that we can score on them – any time or anything we want!  They need to work with us …..for the betterment of our country!  Let’s get started and fix Heathcare and Immigration first…ya think?



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