Breaking – Margie Rice Returns to Westminster Council, Tri Ta first elected Viet Mayor in US!



It’s that time of transitions, when newly elected members of legislative bodies are sworn in.

Ta Makes History.

Some transitional meetings are organized so they are just ceremonial, with outgoing members recalling their achievements before the newbies are sworn in.

Westminster was a little different last night, where the Council had a vacancy on the Council after Tri Ta moved from the City Council to become the first directly elected Vietnamese Mayor in the US.

Tyler Diep, who narrowly lost his bid for re-election, had been lobbying furiously for the appointment, and his supporter also took the position that if he were not appointed, there should be a special election to fill the seat.

Grand Dame Rice

Penny Loomer, who has lost  repeatedly for City Council and this year in her bid for Mayor, had numerous supporters champion her cause. Somehow, Penny thinks she deserves an appointment.

The Westminster Council chose to act quickly. With a motion from new Mayor Tri Ta, the Council unanimously voted to appoint retired Mayor Margie Rice, the feisty 83 year old grand dame of Westminster politics, to complete the two remaining years of the term. Rice has been on the Westminster City Council for 18 years after serving on the Westminster school board.

Again, with a motion from Tri Ta, Andy Quach was selected as Mayor Pro Tem.

And for the first time in years, Westminster no longer has a majority of Viet councilmembers, as Democrat Sergio Contreras and political neophyte and Orange Juice friend Diana Lee Carey were sworn in.


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