Are White People Going Crazy?


I mean, not normal-ass white people like you and me, but that insecure, noisy, politically overrepresented minority of white people that comforts and drugs itself with FOX News.  I’m just asking, because last week (before the Massacre) humorous liberal radio host Stephanie Miller was suddenly inundated by dozens of pieces of hate e-mail.

They called her a hater!  A bitch!  A “dried-up [C-word]!”  Some of the e-mails were death threats (which she dutifully ridiculed before forwarding off to the FBI.)  Most of them mentioned “I’m white” for some reason.  And, strangely, most of them ended “Merry Christmas!”  (We realized after a while that these right wingers think that’s a phrase that liberals hate to hear, and was intended as a sort of curse, a flash of garlic as it were.)

Quick research revealed that all of these infuriated white people had watched Sean Hannity’s show the day before, and Sean had played a little clip from a parody song that Stephanie had played earlier in the day – a parody of Mel Torme’s “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire” (created by “Rocky Mountain Mike,” who sends Stephanie new song parodies nearly every day.)

You can hear that section of Sean’s show here.  Sean prefaces the song clip by telling his audience they’re going to be hearing “hateful venom” from “liberals.”   He even says “I’m the victim here” – I LOVE it when rightwingers do that!  His guest, some alleged rightwing “comedian,” opines that this clip proves that “the progressive movement is built on HATE, this makes that clear.”   Then they play the clip, which consists of a Karen Carpenter sound-alike singing:

 “Ev’rybody knows a turkey like Sean Hannity
gets an audience that’s white;
tiny-brained people who just don’t know
that what he says just isn’t right.”

We were all “huh?” And we hit rewind a couple of times. THIS was the horrible “hateful venom,” the hate that tars and defines all progressives, the hate that drives Sean’s listeners to want to murder Stephanie Miller in revenge?  This innocuous clip?  Was the problem calling Sean a “turkey?”  The “tiny brains?”  The pointing out that what he says “just isn’t right?”

Then I remembered how most of the angry e-mails Stephanie got mentioned “I’m white!”  Some of them added “and you’re white too, you bitch!”  One of them, in absurd “some of my best friends” style, mentioned, “Don’t you know Sean is friends with Juan Williams?”  (Notably, none of them said “I listen to Sean and I’m not white.”)  So THAT was the problem – just mentioning that the FOX News audience includes nearly no minorities!  I wouldn’t have thought that would be taken as so offensive.

But, being, as a liberal, naturally empathetic, I tried to imagine what could cause this strong reaction.   What could make it feel like a poisonous affront to be called “white?”  By another white person?  Is it really that upsetting, that apocalyptic, to see our nation’s first Black President resoundingly re-elected?  To hear, on the mainstream media, that this was the last election that could have been possibly won with only White votes, and that it didn’t happen?

I’m getting the sense that SOME white people are having trouble settling comfortably into the thought that we are soon going to be one more minority in America.  Funny, it doesn’t bother me – am I deficient in racial pride?  Is anyone else seeing signs of this phenomenon?  And do any readers agree with Sean and his “comedian” friend that Rocky Mountain Mike’s song is “hateful venom” proving the “progressive movement is built on hate?”  (Also see last year’s “Boundless White Self-Pity, With a Poll“)

The car belonging to OJ commenter “Even Steven,” shortly after this past Election Day.  Note Obama sticker and smashed window.


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