The Last Days of Sex, Lies and Video Tapes!

Andie McDowell on video monitor in "Sex Lies and Videotape"

If you thought for a moment that we wouldn’t jump at the chance to put up a photo of Andie McDowell to illustrate a story, you have not been paying attention.

Politics inclines to misrepresentations.  There is always a dog in the fight and always a reason for sliding the magic wand of cloaking over various issues and actions at specific times.  Being a little more than a week away from a Game Changing National Election, we can all stand amazed by the passion of lies and the passion of misrepresentations that are being presented, from the even the lowest of political races, city initiatives, county initiatives, State initiatives and of course those “in the arena” who have spent lots of other people’s money to take the reigns of temporal power.

We suppose, no one should be surprised that our whole of society seems to be going through a tremendous refusal to accept reality.  Seven time winning cyclist Lance Armstrong still is clinging to the refusal that he took Enhancing Drugs to win those Tour d’ France competitions.  Roger Clemens, Yankee pitcher and should have been “Hall of Famer”, went back to the Minor Leagues to see if he could make a comeback after lying to Congress about his use of various Steroids and Enhancement Drugs.  Barry Bonds – accused but had those charges dismissed, with a wink and a nod.  The very rich ex- Three Time Prime Minister Italian; Silvio Berlusconi,  has been convicted of graft and corruption – serving his hard time at his palatial estate with an electronic anklet,  Frenchman and former IMF Chief Dominik Strass-Kahn (DSK)s been charged and sued in court for setting up a brothel for the rich.  That after he paid off the maid he may have raped in a Hotel in New York City.

Sports figures, Celebrities of almost every stripe, politicians at the local level, Bureaucrats at almost every level, Police Chiefs, Officers and Administrators of almost every stripe, Congress people of almost every stripe, Senators of almost every stripe, Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Stock Brokers, Hedge Fund Managers, Bankers,  Investment Moguls,  the Rich, the Famous, Writers, Indian Tribes and Chiefs, Water and Sanitation Officials, Mayors, City Council people, County Supervisors, State Officials and Administrators, University Professors and Administrators, School District Administrators, Husbands of women that work in Hair Salons, Gang Members, Irate Husbands, Irate Wives, Foreigners and those born in the United States….all seem to be fallible and suffering from the same list of nut-case medical concerns.  They lie… Mitt Romney!  They misrepresent……like Mitt Romney!  They couch each statement with their own prevailing wish and hope.  Not the truth…..just so it sounds right for them.

Was our society and world always so transparently sick and determined to lie its way out of every situation?  Naive perhaps to think that when some one failed at their job, their elected position or their marriage….they simply could walk away with “going ballistic”!  Why can they not understand that every thing that is tried in life is not guaranteed a positive outcome?  Why can they think that if they tell those lies long enough – people will finally just believe them and walk away because after all,  “Most People are Lazy”?

The use of the term “Unsustainable” has been overused in the last few years.  Noam Chomsky came out with the term “Failed States” in 2006;  which has turned into a variety of off-shoots;  “Failed Economy”, “Failed Solutions”, “Failed Options”, “Failed Policies and Pivots” and the like.  These accusations of course are suitable as characterizations only “After the fact – not before the fact!”  Obviously, Hedge Funds, Liar Loans and Credit Default Swaps were “Unsustainable”!  We have a sizable amount of facts to believe that.  The ramifications were to be sure “Earth Shattering!”  Sadly, using these terms to describe un-trimmed finger or toe nails…..may not be exactly the correct example when trying to fit the solutions to the issues.

The Republican Party sadly has fallen into a serious “Unsustainable” trap.  Instead of attacking the Global Banking System built on a House of Cards pyramid scheme…..or attempting make a better trade agreement with China or India….they are busy attacking President Obama on “Fast and Furious” and the death of a single Border Patrol Agent or the Benghazi Attack, by a Libyan Militant Militia of disputable or indisputable repute that made a Terrorist Attack on our Embassy and killed the Ambassador and three security folks.  After of course repulsing a sizeable force of Libyan and US Marines trying to take back the Embassy.

There is little doubt that the Government of the United States has lied to the American people time and time again over our history.  Some say it started with the Yellow Journalism of the New York Times when we went to war with Spain – The Spanish American War.  Others say it started long before than with Andrew Jackson and his moving of the Cherokee Nation to Oklahoma.  Others say that even the Civil War was nothing more than a way to take the agricultural land of the South for the Industrialists of the North.  (They didn’t want the south selling their cotton to Europe for more money – when the Northerners wanted Cheap Cotton!)

Emotions run hot and heavy when you are talking about economic issues and our current National Election is strictly about “Who will profit after the election?”  As you watch the various lies and misrepresentations of political ads here in California regarding the Initiatives, purely you can see that spending millions of dollars against GMO labeling for example is over-kill at its best.  Who might be against people knowing what is in “their food”?  Who might be against adjusting a “Three Strikes Law” that makes the law more equitable and fair?  Who might be against giving our schools the funds they need to teach our children?  Are these Initiatives always straight forward or honest?  Certainly not, but each value to society must be weighed and given real review.

The last days of sex, lies and video tapes surround us.  Our society now lies with impunity.  Our politicians lie with impunity.  Our celebrities lie with impunity.  Let us not be led astray by the lies and misrepresentations.  Lindsay Lohan is dysfunctional!  How do we know – by her actions!  Mitt Romney is dysfunctional!  How do we know – by his actions and his inabiltiy to stick to any thing he considers truth.  This is an amazing time to live in.  The world is being tested with many fundamental realities.  Whoever we choose to lead us….it is the people that will pay the price in the end; not the rich, not the privileged, not the corrupt.

Our dream is for a “clear eyed and knowledgeable electorate”.  Our dream is that their various bigoted, self serving behavior not obviate their own need for truth and caring for their fellow man and woman.  We implore all that vote – to do so with an eye for the truth.  Do not believe – Investigate, listen carefully and then decide!  Sadly, we finally believe that Lance Armstrong was dirty and cheated to win – along with a long line of other professional sports heroes.

May our country and this world be protected by people that care to do the right thing – for the good of others as well as themselves!  The kind of country we want to live in means choosing those that will represent the greatest good for the greatest number.  The generosity of the rich will not save our country, only the work and wisdom of all the people!

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