Kids Come Out to Support Prop 37


Madeline is the one standing to the left of the woman in red holding the “Right to Know” sign.

 We are just nine days away from Election Day.  Monsanto along with its gang of food and chemical producers are spending a million dollars a day on deceptive ads hoping to prevent Californians from knowing what is in their food. It’s quite amazing to me that they willingly throw around millions of dollars to deceive the public and at the same time tell them labeling genetically modified food   (GMOs) will cost families billions of dollars extra each year at the grocery store. Has the idea of “good faith in advertising” gone the way of the cassette tape?  Is outright lying the new business model? Are corporations willing to cheat and lie no matter what in order to keep their market share?

Monsanto, Kellogg, Hershey, PepsiCo and their cronies may have lots of money but  people volunteering for Yes on Prop 37 have determination and are willing to take time from their lives to make sure Californians know about GMOs, and how they are in 80% of the foods they feed their children every day, starting with baby formula.

I have met all kinds of people, from all kinds of professions, and political affiliations throughout this campaign. We may not agree about some things when it comes to how we want our government to participate but we ALL agree that we have a right to know what we are eating. I was watching the World Series the other day and I heard the National Anthem. Remember the part about the “Land of the Free?” Shouldn’t that include the freedom to know what we are eating?  People in China and Russia buy foods that are labeled. Don’t we have the same freedom as them?  Apparently not according to Monsanto and Friends.

I recently met the newest foot soldier for Yes on Prop 37 and she is just ten years old. Her name is Madeline Molina and she decided she had to get the word out about Prop 37 and how important it is to tell parents about GMOs.

“I feel very strongly in support of Prop 37. I really think that people should know what they are eating and I want it to pass. I want to help other people know about it by holding a demonstration on the street corner with signs.”

So with the help of her mom she organized a Honk and Wave action on the corner of El Toro and Rockfield in Lake Forrest.  Thirty kids and parents showed up with signs and lots of enthusiasm while cars honked in support of the “Honk for Yes on Prop 37” signs. For a few minutes some of the kids showed off their acrobatic skills on the lawn while shouting, “Kids have a right to know if they are eating Gmos!” I think some adults could take a cue from these kids. Demonstrating for a cause doesn’t mean you have to stop having fun!

All kidding aside this is a very important issue. If we let corporations get away with not having to label their ingredients who knows what they will do next. We cannot depend on our government representatives to protect us so, “We the People” are taking our power back. Tell Monsanto and Friends November 6 that we will not be persuaded by their phony ads and that we demand to know what we are eating. Vote Yes on Prop 37!

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