Disney wants even MORE Anaheim taxpayer money!


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Disney wants more Anaheim tax $$$$$

It isn’t enough that Disney and their minions at SOAR, OCTAX, OCBC, and The Anaheim Chamber of Commerce pushed thru the GIVEAWAY of $158 million in future tax revenue to build 2 luxury hotels at the GardenWalk Ghost Town. Hotels that were, and I believe still are, slated to be operated and branded as Disney properties.

Disney President George Kalogridis and Anaheim Council candidate Jordan Brandman.

To jog your memory, read this portion of a City of Anaheim staff report and then watch SOAR aka Disney members vocally supporting the $158 million giveaway:

“The Owner is currently negotiating with Walt Disney Company (Operator) to manage and operate the hotels under its brand.  The Agreement approves the Operator to manage the Project.  However, should Operator purchase the hotels, they would not be eligible to receive the City’s financial assistance.”

Now Disney wants Anaheim and federal/state tax dollars to fund a ridiculous rail system to shuttle its guests between ARTIC, their future 4 star Disney branded and operated GardenWalk hotels, and the Anaheim Convention Center.

Disney’s business model is absolutely genius. Here’s how, I believe, they pulled off the $158 million GardenWalk Hotel deal.

Step 1:

Read the rest of this harrowing tale at Save Anaheim,

and read it before you vote for Council, Anaheimers!

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