Ain’t no Conspiracy….nah!!

JFK assassination reconstruction

For younger readers, that’s then-Texas Governor John Connolly in the front seat and neither he nor the President actually had translucent skin, among other discrepancies. (JFK assassination reconstruction from website

About 1000 books have been written about the assassination of JFK.  Young kids today are even getting too old  or to know about or remember the Oliver Stone movie “JFK”.  Those of us old enough to remember comedian and satirist Mort Sahl who in early 1964 came out and said that the JFK killing “was bigger than US Steel” have nothing but some very faded memories.  The issues of whether Sam Giancana Crime Boss was paid off by LBJ to do the deed, whether Fidel Castro actually had a hand in the huge conspiracy,  the odd-ball immediate arrest of Lee Harvey Oswald, an ex- Marine Expert Marksman, someone who could visit Moscow right after the debacle of our U-2 Spy Flight with Francis Gary Powers; Oswald, who marries a Russian girl and brings her back to the United States at the height of the Cold War, meets with an elected Mexican Official, then becomes a Right Wing  activist for a Free Cuba!  Lee Harvey Oswald who was under such bad security by the Dallas Police that a local Strip Club Owner Jack Ruby was able to shoot him dead within hours of his arrest.  The famous quote by Oswald “I’m just a patsy!”  Oswald meeting with various FBI agents and US Government CIA Officials in Mexico City a few months before the assassination.

The rumors and stories that Hollywood movies moguls created complete Movie sets in the mountains of Chihuahua, Mexico of Daly Plaza and how a CIA assasination team practices for several weeks before JFK and Jackie got off the plane in Dallas.  The use of a $12 dollar, mail-order Italian rifle that was both bolt action and known for being inaccurate!  The strange death of Marilyn Monroe a few months before JFK’s killing.

The point of all this is that Bill O’Reilly is a hopeless, self aggrandizing mouth-piece for the same people that might have or  were responsible for a variety of odd-ball characatures.  What do you call someone who writes lies, misrepresentations, tainted evidence, poor analogies and lots and lots of BS!  Primarily we call that a book we probably won’t be buying anytime soon!  Where is your new evidence O’Reilly?  Name your sources!  All of them!  Who paid you to write this tripe?

Finally, how about the timing of the release of a book about JFK?  Was your fish-wrap approved by the Kennedy Family?  If you want to buy it why would we want to stop anyone from doing so?  At least now you know what kind of nonsense you will be getting.  O[‘Reilly has been hawking his wares on the View, CBS Morning News with Charlie Rose and anywhere he can get television face time.  He might be able to do a quick cameo on Dancing with the Stars!

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Ain’t no Conspiracy….nah!!  We think it was a huge conspiracy, that oddly enough people like the late Arlen Specter, Chief Justic Earl Warren and about another 1000 folks were all part of – including LBJ.  We still vividly remember the hundreds of eye-witnesses in Daly Plaza that made their thoughts and observations  known to the FBI and all died mysteriously within 18 months of the assasination.  No, Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill JFK alone, unless of course he along with several others were paid to do so and then were unceremoniously “taken out” shortly there-after!

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The big news is that we voted yesterday at the Registrar of Voters.  They were open til midnight and you could register and vote while still in your car!  Don’t forget to bring your sample ballot with you – if you want to vote early!

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