The CA Election Initiatives and the Independent Suggestions!

Everyone has an idea of what the Initiative process is and which particular oxen there are to gore!  We watch with amazement every election cycle and get a kick out of the fact that special interest groups love spending big money on some very dumb ideas.  Others that actually make sense sometimes are drummed out by the rhetoric of “Big Money in Little China”.

This National Election on November 6th, 2012 appears to bring the citizens of California 11 Proposed Initiatives to choose from:

Proposition 30 – This is the baby of Governor Brown and has been put forward in the attempt to balance the California Budget after a terrible financial collapse of the Residential and Commercial Real Estate Markets which make the State of California the Golden Land.  We say YES to Proposition 30 for two reasons: (1) It is a short term fix that only affects our richy rich brothers and sisters making $500,000 a year or more and (2) It is truly a referendum on Downtown Jerry Brown and the great job he has been doing – during these tough economic times.

Proposition 31 – Changes our State Budget to a 2 year cycle – which on the fact we disagree with.  Someone gets elected and winds up out of office when the Budget they suggested comes to pass.  Sounds a great deal like the Soviet 5-Year plans.  We oppose Proposition 31 – truly in a philosophical sense, if nothing else.  NO on Proposition 31!

Proposition 32 – Is a so-called attempt to limit Special Interest money.  Whose special interest money are we talking here?  Labor Unions and small Independent Organizations and perhaps even Churches.  Who does it not limit – Big Business, Super Packs and the rest.  Simply stated:  NO on Proposition 32!

Proposition 33 – This is the so-called Good Driver Car Insurance Bill.  We don’t know about you, but right now we have pretty affordable yearly car insurance in California – for everyone!  So, this comes down to three old ladies in Encino who have never had even a parking ticket is 30 years and want to pay $30 dollars a year less.  What this means is:  Someone else has to make up for the lost $30 bucks from someone’s wallet that didn’t expect it.  When it ain’t broke – Please don’t try and fix it!  It is all smoke and mirrors and if the Insurance Companies are supporting it – something might smell fishy some place.  NO on Proposition 33!

Proposition 34 – Repeal of the Death Penalty comes along every so many years, with the hope that someone is going to be mislead enough to buy the rhetoric of “over 100 people have died – that were innocent”.  We won’t bother to mention all the terrible things or people that have and are on death row right now that have no redeeming social value to society and never will.  We believe there are crimes so heinous and terrible that the people that do them need to die to serve as examples to others that think that Life in Prison would be a picnic compared to their present lives.  NO on Proposition 34!

Proposition 35 – Increased Penalties for Human Trafficing – we agree with even if it just adds one day or $1 dollar to the penalties for such behavior.  YES on Proposition 35 – YES!

Proposition 36 – Changes to the “Three Strikes” Law.  Bill Jones created Three Strikes and in fact the reality is that it has been effective.  Have there been several miscarriages of Justice along the way?  The reality is that the original “Three Strikes Law” was a great idea, but left a few too many holes and wrinkles which got several people that perhaps did not deserve life in prison –  Life in Prison.  The “Three Strikes Law” was intended for violent criminals, folks that used force or brutality in the commission of a felony.  Without express intent, many so-called “Hanging Judges” – (those that thought that the person before them needed to be put away with or without cause) sentenced many to Life in Prison including such crimes as a Stolen Car from a relative, Lindsay Lohan Shop Lifting and a variety of none brutal or violent crimes.  Proposition 36 intends to right the ship and make sure only violent criminals get Life in Prison.  YES on Proposition 36!

Proposition 37 –  Genetically Modified Labeling.  This is something that has been a long time coming.  Knowing what we put into our bodies and the bodies of our children and family should be a no brainer idea.  Big Chema, Big Argi and all the rest do not want the nations most populace state….knowing what is going on with their food supply.  YES on Proposition 37!  YES on Proposition 37!  YES on Proposition 37!

Proposition 38 – Funding Schools has been a huge loser for several years.  The results are that the kids get less and less – no after school programs, no outside activities, paying for sports programs, paying for any music programs…..and the list is endless.  Meanwhile, school room size matters.   Crowded school rooms do nothing to improve a quality education.  Earmarking cash for programs that truly benefit students is the name of the tune.  YES on Proposition 38!

Proposition 39 –  Increases taxes on trans-national and global-national companies to fund clean energy.  The opponents say that big companies will not want to come to California to create jobs.  Sure!  As if anyone believes that no one is trying to sell stuff to the Chinese either.  After all, you sell stuff when two things reside:  Money and People!  Cleaner energy for California is not a sin.  YES on Proposition 39!

Proposition 40 –  Is a technical adjustment to State Senate lines and jurisdictions.  This is something that the California Legislature needs to decide, certainly not a bunch of uninformed voters – that have little or no interest.  We will probably vote YES or maybe NO…..depending on how we feel that day!

OK folks, these are life changing and altering choices for lots of people.  They may not directly affect your life, but then again….they just might!  We owe it to the many folks that will be affected by these laws and changes……to vote the best we can on everything.

Remember;  These are “The CA Election Initiatives and the Independent Suggestions” that you won’t get on Slate Cards or in television ads before the election.  You may or may not agree…but whatever you do…..please vote November 6th or before!






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