Standing Against Monsanity: Occupy Takes on the Food Lords

Occupy groups around the world are saddling up and moving out to protest Monsanto facilities this Monday, September 17th.

Monsanto is the largest producer of the  herbicide known as Roundup, and  is also the number one producer of genetically modified (gmo) seed. Its been in the news lately (wait, its always in the news) but this time it’s because it’s leading the charge against California’s Yes on Prop 37 initiative.  Monsanto and its band of bio-tech buddies are spending millions to defeat Prop 37; they even got major food manufacturers like Kellogg and Pepsi-co to spend their money to join the fight. 90% of soy, corn and sugar beets are gmos. If you want to learn more, go to my earlier posts or surf the net. When you learn how much of this (unlabeled) crap is in our food supply,  and for how many years you have been eating this crap, your head will explode. Mine has – many times over.

Have you seen the movie “The World According to Monsanto?”  You can see it for free on YouTube. I highly recommend it. It will explain everything you need to know as to how Monsanto got so powerful, and we can thank George Bush senior and his era of  deregulation for that.

Monsanto is the same company who brought Agent Orange into the Vietnam war. The military sprayed it on the vegetation to flush out the enemy. What they didn’t know (or maybe someone did) is that the American soldiers were also exposed to this chemical and many ended up dying of cancer from this poison years later. Now Dow chemical company wants to use this same chemical to kill weeds on Amercian farms; the so-called super weeds that were created from guess who? Monsanto and Roundup. Anyone who has taken chemistry 101 knows that all living things mutate, including weeds. Remember, not too long ago that scientists decided that physicians were over prescribing antibiotics and were creating super germs? This is the samething.

You can say what you want about Occupy but you cannot say they are quitters. They are the only group that I am aware of who have the balls to take on this corporation. Oh, and Monsanto knows they are coming and have called Homeland Security, the FBI, the USDA, the FDA and and anyone else they have infiltrated to save them from the mean old “tree huggers”. Don’t count on seeing any coverage on the major networks, unless some poor sap was convinced to do something illegal by the assortment of cops that will be  planted among the peaceful protestors.

This goes out to anyone planning to attend any of the protests. Do not be talked into do anything illegal by persons you do not know personally and I mean you know must  that person for years, because chances are that person is a cop and when cops work undercover, they are allowed to break the law.  Law enforcement and the 1% allow themselves to play by different rules, because they make the rules!

This is the link to Occupy Monsanto’s webpage. It has a list of places that will be “occupied” on September 17th.

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