Monsanto Says “Yes” to GMO Labeling — But Just Not for *U.S.* Citizens!

GMO food label

… and yet somehow the manufacturer is still in business!

A lot has been  going on these days concerning the Right to Know Campaign better known as Yes on Prop 37.  As you know we will heading back to the polls in a few short weeks to decide on a whole lot of things; one of them being the right to know what we are feeding our kids. To me, this should be  a no-brainer. Why the heck do we have to actually vote on something like that?

Everytime I turn on the television, some politician tells me that we are the “land of the free”,  except, I guess when it comes to our food. Then corporations like Monsanto (there’s more but they are the biggest) made themselves King of the world, and decided they could do whatever they please to our food supply, slap a patent on it, and threaten to sue any state (Vermont) who dared question their authority.

Well, we the citizens (we are not just consumers) of America will not be pushed around. We will decide what we want to buy for ourselves, and in order to do that we want to know what has been gentically modified and what isn’t. We are through asking, we are telling. There are several petitions, and “calls to actions” going around social media, where we the people are signing up to tell these companies who are fighting Prop 37, that we no longer will buy their products. Fifty countries around the world already require labeling and several outright ban GMOs altogether.  Turkey is the latest country to “slam the door on GMOs”.

I dig through alot of information daily, to make sure I have my facts straight and guess what I found today? An article that says Monsanto actually promotes  labeling in Europe. I could not believe it! Monsanto says its ok to label in other countries, but not in the U.S.?  What the heck is going on here?  This is an American company, based in St. Louis, Missouri and they don’t want Americans to know what we are eating! How un-patriotic is that?

Moms and Chefs Want to Know

Polls show that Yes on Prop 37 is way ahead. No scare tactics are going to work this time. And by the way, I read that we can expect food prices to be higher by the end of the year because of the drought in the Midwest. If that’s true, what about all that GMO corn and soy?  I thought it was sold to farmers to withstand droughts? All that GMO corn should be just fine. Right Monsanto?  Not from what I have been reading.  I was told by a representative from the Oil Seed Industry, when I went to the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement conference, that 90% of soy and corn grown in America is GMO. So, if that’s true then GMO soy and corn are doing just as bad in the drought as conventional ones.

I strongly suggest that the companies who are on the Monsanto bandwagon, get off and do the right thing and label. They are pissing off the customers who trusted them, and buying from their competitors who are joing the  Non-GMO wagon.


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