Mitt Romney and Harvey!

Romney spliced into scene from "Harvey"We finally figured out who Mitt Romney really is!  It has taken misstep after misstep.  It has taken bumble after bumble.  It has taken a metaphorical Gerald Ford fall down 100 times by words, rather than physical stumbles – to finally get it….but we finally know who Mitt Romney – really is!

This famous movie came out in 1950.  It fits Mitt Romney perfectly.  He kind of looks like this movie star – in a way and he certainly acts like this movie star did in the movie!  Harvey….the Invisible Rabbit.  Remember that one?  James Stewart seems to be the only one in the room that can see his good friend Harvey.  Even Paul Ryan, Romney’s running mate can’t seem to see Harvey clearly.  Romney is the opitimy of the “Emperor without any clothes!”.  Romney thinks that his vision for the United States is perfect.  He really doesn’t care how many “other people can see his vision” for the future of the United States.

Romney knows rich folks.  Romney goes to rich guy parties without meaningless participation by either so-called low class celebrities or other strange types which might actually ask a cogent question in regard to what he seems to be doing at the time.  He has lots of nodding doggy types that agree with his every word and his every request.  Hey, that is how it happens at the Country Club and those high dollar Campaign Fund Raisers he goes to.  Mitt Romney after all – is not a Black person!  Mitt Romney is not a Brown, Yellow or Native American.  Mitt Romney is a Rich White Guy!

Mitt Romney is re-living the 1950’s in America.  America before the “Equal Rights Amendment”.  America before integration.  America before busing.  America before the Pill.  America when most folks that had money – were White!  America when the roads were uncrowded and just the “idle rich” could afford to live in Ivory Towers of Wealth and Wisdom.  America when Abortion existed only on back alleys and for rich kids that got pregnant from the high school quarterback and deserved to die from complications…because of their poor behavior.  America before the Rainbow coalition and before the meaning of a Rainbow meant acceptance of LGBT behavior.  America before “illegal immigrants” when braceros were allowed to come and pick the crops of the Central Valley of California and Texas – then go home!  America before black people on television.  Except on rare occasions of course!  America before Europe was rebuilt by the Marshall Plan and before Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan and the Phillipines took away most of our manufacturing and major businesses.  America before Israel was a real problem.  Finally, an America before Japanese and German Car companies even thought of coming to the United States!

So, for all those folks that believe that “The Cleavers” still live next door.  Or for all those folks that believe that Ozzie and Harriet, Rick and David….live right down the street…or for those that still believe that Ralph Kramden, Lucy and the Texaco Star Theater are still on every Friday night……better vote for Romney.  Mitt and his pet Rabbit Harvey….believe in all these things.  Mitt doesn’t quite understand “Geo-Political Switch and Bate”!  Mitt can’t quite grasp that when America speaks now, only five out of 100 countries – still listen.  Mitt can’t conceive of the fact that the American Dream no longer includes; Madison Avenue, Wall Street, Hollywood Super Stars or sending your kids to a good quality private prep school and University.  Even days when watching “Summer Place” and “The Wild One” were just so eclectic!  Days when Doctor’s made house calls.  Mitt still longs for those days of Tootsie Rolls and Ju Ju Bee’s!

Aw…for those good old days….when Harvey could tell Mitt exactly what to do….every day and when Harvey was always there to offer another great suggestion.

Mitt Romney and Harvey!  What a pair!

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