Chavez-Lodge tries to disown Jordan Brandman, otherwise bamboozles OC GOP.


Wednesday night, after partially prevailing in Cynthia Ward’s ballot designation lawsuit against him, corporatist Anaheim Council candidate and Sudden Mexican Steven Albert “Chavez” Lodge showed up asking for the OC GOP’s endorsement and was immediately met by hostile questioning by true conservatives Allan Bartlett, Tim Whitacre and Lucille Kring.  And he answered them with the cavalier disregard for the truth that he had honed over thirty years of covering his ass on the Santa Ana Police force.

Chavez-Lodge and Brandman, colorized and flipped horizontally because we’re getting tired of this silly picture.

One of three rich moments was when he tried to disown his toxic running mate, Democrat Jordan Brandman.  I mean, who wouldn’t?  But when he claimed he’s not associated with Jordan, and has never been to any events with him, his credibility just sort of abruptly flatlined.  Most have, and now more will, see the picture to the right, reportedly taken at an event in Kris Murray’s back yard.  And thanks to we now have another pic of the two amigos, at a SOAR fundraiser / Angels game / barbecue last year (below.)  You always need photographic evidence with these cops and ex-cops who are used to everyone just taking their word!  And then, with perfect timing, the following day’s Anaheim Bulletin featured a full-back-page Brandman-Lodge ad.  D’OH!

Chavez-Lodge continued to amaze the sworn-off-union-dough OC GOP with his tall tales when he claimed he’s never accepted any contributions from the hated unions.  Well, we have proof that he’s already taken money from PAC’s associated with police/sheriff unions.  And that is just the beginning – with his endorsements from fire and police unions from Santa Ana and Anaheim, it’s GUARANTEED he’ll be getting tens of thousands of these union shekels in the final months of the campaign when it really counts.

Amigos at the SOAR baseball game / barbecue, before the cock crowed three times.

Then I love this one:  He was caught donating thousands to hated, feared, liberal Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez.  He didn’t lie about this but neither did he volunteer the information;  instead he made a ridiculous excuse:  In order to be in construction one HAS to pay tribute to Loretta.  (And he regrets it, and apologizes.)  Right, big tough enforcer Loretta will see your business DESTROYED if you don’t pay her protection money!  Also, Steve demonstrates here how comfortable and accepting he is of “pay to play” – so if he does get into office don’t be surprised when HE operates that way.

But, what can these Republicans expect, from the cop who lied in court about the jaywalker he beat in 1990, claiming falsely that the poor guy resisted arrest and that he never hit him with his baton, despite the jaywalker’s ruptured disc and head wound requiring eight stitches.  Who knows how many times this cop got away with lying?  It has obviously become a habit with him.  Is anyone on the OC GOP Central Committee still considering endorsing him?  Are any Anaheimers still considering voting for him?


WhitacreNow some unutterable shill who’s allowed to write under the pseudonym “OC Insider” at the OC Politics Blog has produced a piece clucking over supposed instances of “chutzpah” that night, supposedly finding Tim Whitacre hypocritical for pointing out Chavez-Lodge’s union-cash lies, when Whitacre’s work for the noble “Take Back Anaheim / Let the People Vote” cause was mostly funded by the OCEA before they ditched that issue.   Big fucking deal.  Tim is not running for office.  Tim is not asking for the OC GOP’s endorsement.  Tim is not lying to the OC GOP about taking union money.  Tim is not taking money from unions to run for office and be later beholden to them.  Tim accepted money from those who were willing to pay, to work on a cause that he believed in and still does.  On top of, I’m not even sure that Tim ever signed on to Scott Baugh’s retarded anti-union jihad in the first place.

But these supposed conservatives shilling for Steve Chavez-Lodge have got me thinking:  Is lying a conservative value?  Is abusing your authority as a cop a conservative value?

Of course those aren’t serious questions.  But I think this is a good time, a defining moment,  for conservatives and Republicans to ask themselves this:

Who are the real conservatives in (and operating in) Anaheim – and by extension, the rest of the County and elsewhere?

Are the real conservatives Mayor Tom Tait, Cynthia Ward*, Tim Whitacre, and Brian Chuchua, who – despite their occasional and/or partial alliances with Labor guys like John Leos and progressives like Lorri Galloway:

  • oppose corporate welfare such as this year’s TOT giveaway of $152 million, and believe that since this was a tax imposed by the people, exceptions to that tax of that size should have to be approved by a vote of the people;
  • oppose wasting good taxpayer money on law firms in a fruitless losing fight against the ACLU‘s districting lawsuit;
  • constantly fight for government transparency, typified in Leos’ model ordinance; and
  • fight AGAINST excessive labor giveaways like last June’s contract with Anaheim’s general employees union that promised, among other things, no layoffs, no outsourcing of city services, an end to furloughs and lump sum payouts totaling $2,200 to every employee who had previously taken furlough days.

Or are the real conservatives the Pringle-centered group of corporatists who get defended and apologized for on the OC Political Blog – councilmembers Kris Murray, Gail Eastman and Harry Sidhu and Council hopefuls Jordan Brandman and Steve Albert “Chavez” Lodge, who:

  • believe in doling out hundreds of millions of corporate welfare to their campaign contributors with no strings attached;
  • give lip service to the beauty of district elections while voting to waste millions of Anaheim taxpayer dollars fruitlessly fighting it, just to stay in power a little longer;
  • fight tooth and nail AGAINST transparency, dubbing themselves “masters of the universe” whose secret dealings the public doesn’t need to know about;  and
  • APPROVE obscene, unaffordable labor contracts like last June’s contract with Anaheim’s general employees union that promised, among other things, no layoffs, no outsourcing of city services, an end to furloughs and lump sum payouts totaling $2,200 to every employee who had previously taken furlough days… all as part of secret political deals with the OCEA, with the goal of perpetuating their own power?

Shit.  Now that I put it like that (knowing and accepting the risk that in some dumb minds my own dirty liberalism rubs off and soils the conservatives I support) the question answers itself.

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