Safe but not Sound

10 images of a little boy with a gunA friend recently emailed me an article from ‘Wired,’ an online magazine that claimed  “kids can open gun safes with a straw or paper clip“. Me being the anti gun person that I am was definitely interested in reading more. The safes that were tested in the article were made by Stack-On,  Bulldog,  Gun Vault and Amsec. All of these safes failed the child proof test. Go ahead and watch this video for yourself if you don’t believe me.

(three more videos at this link)

I had no idea that safes were so poorly made, but then again a lot of things we buy these days is crap, so why not gun safes?  After reading the article I wondered exactly how many households with kids have guns in America ?  So I snooped around the net to see if I could find out.   I found the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia website that gave me some numbers. The stats are from 2005 but it t least  gave me some idea and since it is now 7 years later I am willing to bet the numbers are higher.

Approximately 3.3 million children in the U.S.  live in households with firearms that are, at times, kept loaded and unlocked.

 In 2005, 75 children (living in in Philadelpia) ages 14 and under died from unintentional firearm-related injuries.

As many as 75 percent of first and second graders know where their parents’ gun is kept.

I find those stats staggering. I wonder how many parents are prosecuted for child endangerment when their kid shoots themself or someone else? I searched the web for answers but came up empty. I did, however, find story after story about people shooting guns like they were in some western movie. One Florida woman was recently sentenced to 20 years after firing a ‘warning shot’ meant for her abusive husband, but instead she came close to hitting her kids standing in the same room. What was this woman thinking? Then I found another story about an 8 year old girl  shot and critically wounded in her classroom! The shooter was another 8 year old boy! Is anyone supervising these kids?  This incident happened last February in Seattle. Nothing was mentioned if  the parents of the young gun slinger were arrested. I think they should be, and the charge should be criminal negligence.

I also found a blog from Oregon that is  anti-guns. I know its biased but I looked through the pro-gun sites and it seemed like they were all one big ad for gun sales to me. The latest entry  from New Trajectory Blog was written early this year.  It claimed there were 167 shootings that involved children ages 17 and under in just one month. Ok, it included 37 staes and D.C. but seriously 167 in one month?

The types of shootings were homicides, accidents, kidnappings, stray bullets,(stray bullets?) defensive shootings, law  enforcement shootings, and one suicide.  Most kids were victims.  Some were  shooters.  Some just found the family gun and handled it without supervision.   But there was one thing that nearly all of them had in common:  children were in  possession of or in the proximity of firearms, with tragic consequences.  So  many shootings could have been prevented if only the adults owners had unloaded  and locked up their firearms.

I wonder what the author of this blog would think after watching the video showing kids opening gun safes with such ease. I know that pro gun people will come back with it’s their Constitutional right to own as many guns as they want, but I am curious to hear what they have to say after watching the videos.

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