Progressive Orange Juice Blogger Duane Roberts Pulls Papers in Anaheim City Council Race

Duane vs. Disneyocracy

With officer-involved shootings and angry protests in Anaheim exposing its race and class divisions across national and international headlines, Duane Roberts feels that the timing is right to make a bid for city council. In taking the first step, the local activist pulled papers yesterday and has until the end of the week to gather all the necessary signatures from registered voters. Roberts, who ran as the Green Party of California’s nominee for U.S. Senate in 2010 in an effort I endorsed, promises that he wouldn’t engage in negative mudslinging against others vying for a seat in this November’s election, but that doesn’t mean his political platform won’t distance himself from them.

“I pulled papers because I’m not convinced any of the other candidates are going to address critical issues facing this community,” Roberts says. “Many of them are members of the political establishment and have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. They are not going to say or do anything that will rock the boat.”

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