Mitt on a Spit……..suey…..turn that hog!

Hog in moneyMitt Romney was born in the Chinese year of the Pig.  Pigs are genuinely generous to their own family members, but for others..there is a strong desire to question the motives of….well…..everybody else.  Pigs are controlling, they manipulate things to suit their own purposes.  Pigs are also rather secretive.  It’s that old story of mom telling you not to mention how stinky Aunt Fanny is……when she hugs you …..when you were 5.  Pigs get upset about any supposed slights on their character.  Pigs want people to do things “their way – no matter what”.

As we watch the Sunday Morning talk shows, in between various Olympic events, we are glad that the Olympics are on during this news cycle.   Mitt Romney was on doing an interview with Candy Crowley on “State of the Union”.  Candy seemed amazingly accommodating to the Republican Presidential Candidate.  When Obama spokesman Robert Gibb came on…..Crowley hammered him about Senator Reid challenging Mitt Romney on the fact that he hadn’t paid taxes for ten years and that was the reason he didn’t want to release his records.  Candy spoke over Gibb when she asked something like:  “Well, he didn’t do anything illegal……..” and Gibb responded that no one was going to know until the records are released.  Candy hammered Gibb about the economy and the whole program looked like a campaign seminar for Romney.

As  lifelong, on and off, Republicans until Obama-Biden  ran against John McCain and Sarah Palin….we can surely say:  Mitt, every candidate for President that has won – has released ten years of their tax records.  Your tax records are particularly interesting.  We don’t know anyone that submits a 500 page one year tax return to the IRS.   As the saying goes:  If you can’t blind them with brilliance…..baffle them with bullshit!”  The other saying that comes to mind is one from Ronald Reagan that says: “If you can’t make them see the light…… least you can make them feel the heat!” 

The average citizen in the United States does not have a Swiss Bank Account, a holding company in Bermuda or Special Accounts in the Cayman Islands.  Bernie Madoff also had those accounts.  Ken Lay and Jeff Skillings had those accounts, Bernie Ebbers had those accounts, a long list of white collar criminals, International drug cartels and Russian White Traders Slavers all have these types of accounts.  Why can’t Mitt understand that when you surround yourself with a bunch of bad guys……questions are going to come up.  

At this point it is very obvious that Mitt Romney and absolutely everyone else that has these accounts will never be considered “financially clean” until all of investigative reporters have been put on these odd ball bank accounts.  Is Mitt suggesting that everyone should have these International Banking Accounts that allow folks “to legally” avoid any or all of their taxes?  Come on Mitt, help us out here – tell us how to do this.  We would love to find all those legal beagel ways of avoiding taxes without the help of a score of Tax Attorneys and International CPA’s. 

Mitt…get out the barbeque sauce……you can now be known as “Mitt on a Spit……suey……turn that hog!”  We just love the smell of sizzling bacon in the morning!  

Finally, to be fair Candy Crowley asked Mitt what he would do with the economy.  Mitt answered 12 Million jobs in 4 years.  12 million jobs Mitt?……are those all the jobs without Pensions, without Retirement, without paid Healthcare, without making a living wage?   “Here comes that great sucking sound …again!”






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