Mitt and Paul…..are not exactly your inspirational types!

Romney and Ryan in paint daubs with real facesLet’s talk “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels”…, not the movie – we are talking about the Presidential election contest.  Years ago it seems when George and Laura Bush ran for office in 2000, all the  buzz was about likeability.  Would you have a beer with which political candidate.  The choice was interesting.  Al Gore or George Bush?  George Bush was a National Guard fighter pilot that seldom attended meetings or went flying much either.  Al Gore was an Army, Stars and Stripes veteran that spent less time “in theatre” than any known person in Army history.  Both guys were from political families.  Al the son of a famous Senator, George the son of a famous Vice President and President.  Both had nice wives.  Laura was a wonderful school teacher that made George look good, no matter what he did.  Tipper was Al’s wife….born on Bill Clinton’s birthday….and basically – knew how to put up with Al – under almost every circumstance.

The election of 2000 was of course the most contested in American history.  They even went to the Supreme Court to finally determine whether or not the contest in Florida should be counted or not.  In between, all the horrible accusations and bad blood – the people out here in the hinterland stood amazed and when asked about whether or not any of it mattered:  “Well, we’d prefer to have a beer with George Bush!” became the final outcome.  Al Gore seemed too phony for some inexplicable reason.  There were some unanswered doubts that Al Gore; was actually going to do what he said he would do – Al lacked that giant credulity factor!   Maybe, his ego desire got in the way – “I invented the internet!”.  Maybe, just his association with Bill and Hillary was enough – at that time!

The disputed results of the 2000 Election got voters aquainted with “contention”, “nasty accusations”and  “vile and despicable tactics and strategies”.  The thought that “anything goes” came to mind and offended nearly everyone in the country.

Well, the brand has been set with the likes of Karl Rove, Grover Norquist, Sean Hannity and a litany of “newspeak” pundits like Riehan Salam, Erik Gillespie and the like…..all with one express purpose:  Lie, deceive, obfuscate and attack in a very nasty fashion!  They want to see “Blood on the Campaign Trail” with any chance they can.  The current attack on Joe Biden’s comments regarding “Banks and their chains on the public!” is just a simple example.  Calling a sitting President everything but a “White Person” is telling.  With less than three months to go…..the name calling will accelerate by the Romney-Ryan ticket.  We expect it – along with those robo calls that have their surrogates making even broader and nastier remarks.

Will we survive all this nastiness?  Will we vote for the right person?  Will the United States of America prevail?  Well, it all depends on what you think “prevail” means.  Did the United States survive LBJ, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter?  We guess it all depends on what you call “prevail”.  The good news is that we had a few good Presidents along the way….that managed to pull our fat from the fire… least momentarily.

Getting down to it – Mitt Romney is not someone we would want to invite for dinner, even with his wife.  Paul Ryan is someone we understand and we also know is going to be “kidding us” from the get go.  Romney has a bad case of “non-relate” to us out here in the hinterland.  We know he is quite happy at cocktail parties with Hedge Fund Managers (the little people) and the big time Bankers and moguls of International Industry.  Mitt Romney is a “Fat Cat” in a skinny person’s body.  When you look in his eyes……it is very hard to see much of anything…except “a temporary Bain Capital” flashback.  If we had the choice to have dinner between Mitt and Ann Romney or Joe and Jill Biden…….the choice is obvious to us…..”Hi Joe and Jill – thanks for your service to our country!”

Mitt and Paul……..are not exactly your inspirational types.  You look up charisma in the dictionary and you are not going to find either one of these guys.  We wouldn’t know what to say to them.  We wouldn’t know what to ask them to get a straight answer.  We couldn’t think of an adequate reason….to see them again.  Why do we have that feeling?  Is it the lack of being forthcoming on just about every issue.  Is it the mean spirited remarks about anyone that apparently gets in their way?  Is it the fact, that we know the great decimated American Middle Class is not going to prosper under a Romney-Ryan administration?  Or is it just the plain exhibition of “small mindedness” that we are appalled by?  Isn’t a Presidential candidate supposed to offer the people of the United States a “Grander Vision” for our future?

Finally, making much ado about nothing is not attractive either.  Social Security – raise the retirement age to 70 and Means Test for Millionaires!  That will make sure we have benefits until 2028 without adding one cent of tax.  Medicare – Expand it to include all those without Healthcare.  Make it so the new folks into the system can afford the Medicare Coverage.  Do not reduce or freeze Medicare payments….because of something called “Inflation”.  Debt Recovery:  Make the banks that borrowed on TARP and any other Stimulus Packages  – Pay up within 48 months – no interest.  Deficit – Make our Budget based upon the rate of Inflation and Freeze spending at that rate.  National Debt – keep bringing back manufacturing and small business back to the shores of the United States.  Freeze the National Debt minus those tax breaks for companies bringing jobs back to the United States.  Immigration:  Restrict and Freeze all immigration until the current stockpile of over 12 million undocumented workers and aliens have been accounted for.   Add stricter Border Security, bring our troops home from Afghanistan and find unlimited healthcare and jobs training for our veterans after three years of service when they are separated.  No more 2nd Amendent laws, add Bi0-Engineered Labeling and increase our prestige around the world without going into another war!

There are questions and there are answers to our American and Global problems.  Keeping restrictions and regulations on our International Banking is a must!  How about finding those tax loopholes in overseas climes –  for the rich?  How about taxing American Companies doing business overseas at the 35% rates regardless of whether they bring the money back to the USA or not?

So, what to do?  Mitt and Paul or Barack and Joe?  This time, we are going Barack and Joe!  As far as nasty remarks are concerned?  We think it is time for a designated Federal Election Committee  Catholic Nun to take these folks into the bathroom and whack them where they won’t forget; and remind them to keep a civil tongue in their heads.  After all, the kids are watching all this stuff on TV, the Internet and on their I-Pods and Androids …too!







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