Lolo Jones……the Concept!

Lolo Jones

"Olympic medals weren't in store, now no one's gonna care if she's a virgin any more, her name was Lolo, Lo-lo-lo-lo Lolo, Lo-lo-lo-lo Lolo"

Wide Wide World of Sports was a famous sports program that offered every week:  “A wide variety of sports that includes the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat!” said announcer Jim McKay.  Every time we saw the ski jumper land sideways and upside down and crash with ski’s flying……it gave us a chill.  Things happen when people challenge either the elements, the competition or themselves.  Watching the US Women’s Soccer Team against Canada was amazing.  Having watched lots of International Soccer Competitions over the years we can rightly say:  It was the most exciting Soccer match …every played!  The umpires had decided not to do much in this match and we watched with chagrin as the Canadian player stomped on the head of one our USA players  and no yellow or red card was called.  There were a variety of serious injuries, many of which were simply “walked off” by both sides.  It truly was “Two heavyweight Fighters, going head to head – dueling to the death!”……metaphorically of course!

The Olympic Games so far have been an excercise in non coverage, over coverage and great coverage.  The Bob Costas’ interview with Michael Phelps was amazing.  The last two semi-final  games by the American Beach Volleyball teams were both awe inspiring. The All American Gold Medal Round tonight will be amazing.   The USA girls swimming was terrific.  The USA gymnastic girls team was cuter than Beijing – and overall they did just fine.

When Track and Field started this week we were looking forward to great things, especially after Galin Rupp brought the USA a 2nd place Silver Medal finish in the 10,000 meter run.  When did that last happen?  It has to be years ago…if ever.  The Africans have literally owned that race for as long as one might remember.  The theatre of sport competition has been rising, hyped, rising and rising.  One paraplegic competitor with springs on his lower legs ran against complete racers for the first time in the 400 meters.  He even made it to the 400 meters semi-finals.    Congratulations dude!

This all brings us to the media darlings that had been identified by our not so lovable NBC Press.  They tried to make Gabby the gymnastics queen…..and Gabby Douglas simply “performed NO”.  She had her Gold medal…..but did not want to be a National Media Darling.  The Press came after several swimmers, like Ryan Lochte who totally let down his Individual Medley Relay Team….swimming the final leg.  Yes, the team got the Silver….but the team put him ahead “in his own” supposed event and it cost the relay team the Gold.  Maybe four more years will straighten Ryan’s attitude out.

Lolo Jones is a beautiful women.  Lolo turns 30 on Sunday.  Lolo will not be running 100 meter hurdles at Rio in four years.  At least, we think she will not be doing that.  Lolo was a natural media star coming into the London Olympics.  She had already been on Jay Leno a couple of weeks before the games.  She had a heartbreaking story of  being a victim of a poor childhood, a dad in and out of jail, the seed of a mixed marriage, living almost on the streets.  Lolo had fallen in Beijing during the Gold Medal round, while ahead and just plain “zoned out” and hit a hurdle.   Lolo could have soldiered on in that race, but chose to sit on the tarmac on her knees crying for the cameras.  That was 2008!

Lolo fought her way back.  At the 2012 US National meet, she just barely qualified for the London Olympics.  Was this going to be another terrific “live in the clouds” story book ending?  Was Lolo going to come back and capture the Olympic Gold in London?  The theater and media hype said so!  The pressures were immense and the offers of story book jobs – pie in sky – if only Lolo could win the Gold in London.  Lolo didn’t help herself much.  She relished the media attention, she had worked hard to get where she was – Lolo felt entitled, after all – “Look at what she had been through in her life and look how her teammates and the media treated her the closer it came to reaching the Finals.”  Lolo made it through the quarter finals.   Lolo made it through the semi-finals.  Lolo made it to the Gold Medal finals.  Lolo should have been as proud as punch of those accomplishments.  There were lots of other American 100 meter female hurdlers that wanted that gig.  Did she believe her own over blown publicity?

Well, Lolo got 4th in the Final medal round.  There was no medal for Lolo.  No picture on the Wheaties Box.  No long term contract as a Sports Commentator for NBC Sports.  Of course she was invited to the NBC Olympics Morning Show today to find out what happened.   Lolo was given a perfect opportunity.  She had put herself out there and made it to the Olympics, but she forgot all about Jim McKay and the “Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat”.  She forgot that stuff happens between your plans in life.  Lolo tear’d up, complained bitterly about being picked on by the media and her USA Teammates – and basically messed up a perfectly good job intervew.  But that’s OK,  Lolo will get a good Agent,  Lolo will be on Late Night Television.  Lolo will probably be on “The View”.  Lolo will be just fine, but she needs to grow up.  Lolo has trusted few or no one in her life.  Probably, rightly so.  The good news is that perhaps Lolo might have finally lost sight of some of the hot smoke blown up her gym shorts during this process.

Character matters Lolo.  No one likes a cry baby.  No one likes to witness “self entitled victimization”.  Lolo, you are the farthest thing from a victim you might find on the planet.  Lolo, you need to hang with some very strong, good, kind and loving people who will NOT put up with your self flagellation.  You have already done that for too long already!  Yes Lolo, you will find great things to do with your life.  Yes Lolo, you will be able to “help others” and become rich by that experience alone.  Lolo, the time has come to finally get your act together – realize you are greatly loved and now you simply have to learn humbly to love yourself.  No one can change that or  you…..but YOU…they say!

We love you Lolo – with all your freckles, character warts and all.  We wish that you will acheive all your hopes and dreams along the way.  In order to do that, you need to stop the victim act – forever!  No one likes that nor believes it.  There are literally a billion little girls in this world that would gladly trade places with you in a heartbeat.  Do not disappoint them…they expect great things from you – much greater than a Gold Medal in the 100 meter hurdles – in London!

Lolo Jones….the Concept!





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