Anti-Police Brutality Protesters in Anaheim Make Attempt to March to Disneyland (Photos)

MINOR SCUFFLE: An Anaheim Police officer and an Orange County Sheriff’s Deputy, both mounted on horseback, use long sticks to prod anti-police brutality protesters off the streets and onto the sidewalks as they come closer to the intersection of Harbor Boulevard and Ball Road.

Unfortunately I do not have the time to write a full report, but I did attend the anti-police brutality demonstration that took place at Anaheim Police Department headquarters earlier this afternoon. The action started around noon and I spent much of my time walking around shooting photos and hanging out with people I knew, including Gustavo Arrellano, editor of the OC Weekly. I estimate that at its peak, about 300 people were in attendance.

Before I went to the demonstration, I asked a friend of mine drop me off by Glover Stadium, near La Palma Park, where I had been tipped off that law enforcement agencies from across Orange County had set up a staging area in nearby parking lot. There were buses, armored cars, horse trailers, tents, command posts, and a huge semi-trailer truck that apparently carried riot gear and weapons for Orange County Sheriff’s Deputies.

The demonstration at Anaheim Police Department headquarters continued until sometime after 2 p.m., when about 200 protesters decided to take to the streets and march south on Harbor Boulevard. I tagged along and watched as officers mounted on horseback followed them and sometimes used long sticks to prod them, telling them to get off the streets. There were some minor scuffles because people didn’t like being poked by the cops.

When they approached the intersection of Harbor Boulevard and Ball Road, the police deployed quite a few officers on horseback and on foot to prevent the protesters from going over the 5 Fwy overpass and heading onward toward Disneyland. They were routed east on Ball Road and then got stuck on a side street just before Lemon Street, where they were then surrounded and contained by police, many in riot gear.

After several minutes, many protesters began to realize the cops weren’t going to let them march to Disneyland, so people began slowly trickling away. Some returned to Harbor Boulevard where they headed back into the downtown area. Others decided to take a short cut through local neighborhoods. Despite heated rhetoric, I witnessed no acts of vandalism or rock and bottle throwing. Nobody was arrested.

As a result of everybody leaving (the cops included), I decided it was time for me to hop aboard an OCTA bus and go back home to West Anaheim where I live.  I have no firsthand knowledge as to what might have taken place later. But I have since learned that two people have been arrested, apparently outside Anaheim Police Department headquarters. However, I don’t know the circumstances by which they were taken into custody.

[Below are some of the many photographs I took today. The first seven down were taken near the parking lot located on the north side of Glover Stadium. The rest were shot at various times during the day, most in chronological order. Permission is granted for anybody to reproduce images used in this article providing they give me credit and aren’t planning to make lots of money off of them.]

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