“Voter Suppression Laws: The New Jim Crow” Lecture Tuesday night, Laguna Woods.

This just in from our friend and hero Jonathan Adler:

June 5 Tuesday 7pm, Laguna Woods

Concerned Citizens “Voter Suppression Laws: The New Jim Crow,” talk plus Q&A by Kathay Feng, Exec. Dir. Calif. Common Cause.

Posing as needed to “stop voter fraud,” lots of recent laws and practices of many kinds have been passed and taken across the country to deny citizens’ right to vote.   They include requiring just a few types of official photo IDs to register and/or vote; tighter residency and other limits on registering, early voting and vote-by-mail;  big, late purges of rolls for alleged non-citizenship or prior felony that voters must disprove quickly or be dropped;  dis-franchisement of a lot more prior felons who served their time;  etc.

All occur in states the GOP took over or again fully controlled (both houses + governorship) after 2010 elections;  none in Dem or split control states;  and all those laws and practices hit millions harder in demographics tending to vote Dem – racial, ethnic and language minorities, students, other young folk, elderly, disabled, poor, inner-city non-drivers, etc.

These laws and practices threaten democracy itself as much as Citizens United, super PACs, limitless secret money, etc. Come hear an expert tell those attacks’ details; US Justice Dept. and civil rights/liberties orgs’ defenses, in courts of law and public opinion, and what you can do.

6:30pm refreshments; members free, guests $3. Info contact Jonathan, 949-581-2178, LawGuruLaguna@yahoo.com.

Clubhouse 7, 24111 Moulton Pkwy, Laguna Woods, CA 92637 (outside any gate). Click here for GoogleMap “pinned” to venue.

Click here for event flyer.

All the details of the drama, playing out every day now, are attached or in these links:

www.dscc.org/act4?action_KEY=509&track= SEM_GS_Voter%20 Suppressionv3-S_VS-law_voter%20suppression%20laws_25896330092
https://www.aclu.org/secure/sem-stand-aclu-protect-every-citizens-right-vote?ms=gad_SEM_Google_ Search-Voting%20Rights_Voting%20Rights%20Laws_voter%20rights%20law_b_14261121262

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