Off Shoring and Out Sourcing…..Fast and Furious!


The Winships' slapdash title put me in mind of this climactic scene from "Face/Off" with John Travolta and Nicolas Cage. GREAT movie. Except for the sentimental passages where people caress each others' faces. Is there a way to edit those out? - Vern

The plethora of lexicons in American politics are sometimes rather humorous.  Name calling and castigations aside, every time you hear the term “Deep Throat” there is a tendency to forget about Watergate and think about Linda Lovelace.  In virtually every Presidential Election Year, the lexicons abound.  The Republicans scream:  Down with ObamaCare – Socialists!  The Democrats cry:  “It’s the same as RomneyCare – Idiots!”  Both parties love to use the James Carville favorite:  “It’s all about jobs – stupid!”

The mean-spirited assaults are endless.  The list of “Halley’s Comet” issues abound.  “Let’s talk about Post Office Real Estate!”….”NO, let’s talk about where Marco Rubio was born!” ….”NO, Let’s talk about the vision that Mitt and Barack have for our country in the 22nd Century!” ….”NO, let’s talk about when Social Security and Medicare run out in 2059!”….NO let’s talk about the 8% unemployment rate!”….”NO, let’s talk about the 7.6% unemployment rate in 2013!”  Good Grief!

For those that actually give a hoot about what goes on in this country….the various ridiculous tactics and strategies of political parties should be laughable, but do get downright scary as neighbors and friends actually believe the misrepresentations that “their or some so-called like-minded electeds”  are pushing around for citizen feedback.  “Think that mom will believe that?” says Rusty in “National Lampoon’s Vacation”.  “Good chat Rusty.” responds Chevy Chase!

The time has come for citizens, voters and political observers to finally call:  “Nonsense!” when various pundits, electeds, news commentators even or so-called expert opinion.  We should probably also add – “the ultra rich, celebrities and even Joe the Plumber”.  Who are these people and why should anyone believe Warren Buffet, Lindsay Lohan or Donald Trump?”  Heck, the girls on “the View” have a better insight into what is actually going on in this country.  Doesn’t anyone else think that both parties seem to be playing the voters?  The Congress has a 9% approval rating and we can’t get these people out of office by any means?  Both parties have a great ability to switch positions when they get close to resolving any issue.  They pass National Heathcare…then ask the courts to overturn it.  They pass an Executive Order to allow long term young immigrants into the country for two years and the Republicans want to overturn it.

The fight over the so-called “Fast and Furious” issue seems typical of how government can “keep off track – as long as possible”.  “Fast and Furious” was a BATF driven program to sell Semi-Auto Assault Rifles to Mexican Drug Cartels.  The ill-conceived concept was to track the guns back to where the Drug Cartels were and find their US side suppliers and where the drugs might be deposited in the US.  Some “Great Mind” at BATF came up with this very stupid concept and one or more of thse guns wound up killing ONE DEA agent:  Brian Terry – eighteen months ago.  The Attorney General Eric Holder “copped a plea” and said that the program had been shut down, apologized and said it would never happen again.  Our good friend Congressman Darrell Issa “has been charged” to make a mountain out of a mole hill during this election year.   You have to understand – the killing of anyone in law enforcement is terrible.  Yet, if  you compare this issue to “Waco” and the death of 76 Branch Davidians and the botched operation of the BATF… might have to consider this current issue….a little over the top!

The Sunday Political Talk Shows are becoming more and more irrelevant.  Today a Romney spokesman brought up the difference between “Off Shoring” and “Out Sourcing”.  This is a NEW definition that will undoubtedly be utilized throughout the 2012 Presidential campaign.  He said that “Out Sourcing” was just sub-contracting jobs to other American Workers!  Wrongo Bongo!  But having said that:  He said that “Off Shoring” was actually sending American Jobs overseas.  Well, guess what – Call it anything you want – both Off Shoring and Out Sourcing do the same thing “IF” you are an International Company.  Also, if the so-called American Company that you “Out Source” to – has workers overseas!  Trying to make a definitive difference by using ” a new Buzz Word – Lexicon” is not only duplicitous but an attempt to confuse, contrive and disassociated the concept from whomever that person is trying to represent from “Off Shoring!”  Yep, we have been “Off Shoring” for quite some time!  Bain Capital has been good at implementing “Off Shoring” and “Out Sourcing” for many years that have contributed to the great wealth of  Mitt Romney!  Changing the terms will not change the concept nor the meaning.  Remember “unsustainable”?  That was big for awhile wasn’t it?  So is “Off Shoring” and hopefully it’s shelf live won’t last long either!

Off Shoring and Out Sourcing….Fast and Furious.  In movie parlance let’s just say:  “it is time to keep your wits about you!”  The lies and misrepresentations will be coming full force and our job as voters and concerned citizens will be to ferret out the wheat from the chaff and the truth from the obvious lies.


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