See Daly’s lying mailer to AD-69 Republicans claiming Moreno’s not running. And Moreno’s scathing response! Priceless.

It’s been clear for some time that AD-69 candidate Tom Daly’s strategy to prevail in both the June primary and the November election depends on getting the district’s REPUBLICANS to vote for him, adding to his natural base of conservative corporatist Democrats and whites who are tired of being represented by Latinos.

Things move in mysterious ways, to the benefit of a County insider and career politician like Daly.  Originally, Republican Robert Hammond was in the Assembly race, but someone somehow convinced him to instead run for the Board of Education seat that Republican Long Pham was somehow simultaneously convinced to abandon.  Path cleared for Tom Daly to be the de facto Republican!

But then – damn it all to hell!  Some Latino Republican from Anaheim named Joe Moreno saw the opening and jumped into the race at the last minute.  What to do, what to do?  Well, turns out Joe is a County employee, so before long he was receiving threats that he could lose his job for his temerity, under a strict but arbitrary interpretation of the Hatch Act.

So, for a couple of weeks, the novice politician Joe fretted and considered withdrawing from the race, concerned for his and his family’s livelihood.  But after some study, consultation, and consideration, he decided to defiantly stay in.

All of that happened nearly a month ago.

This is a story about Tom Daly’s dirty tricks, and the lying mailer that he sent out last week to all the district’s Republicans, telling them falsely that Joe was out of the race and that they should vote for Tom instead.  And it’s a story about Joe’s ferocious response, which we reprint at the bottom of the story with his permission, calling Tom a liar.

But before I would agree to write a story calling Tom Daly a liar, I wanted to see this mailer.  I needed to make sure it was actually from Tom, and actually a knowing lie.  So I met up with Joe last Friday at a Little Saigon café and he gave me his own personal copy.  (Yes, Joe, being a registered Republican in the district, received a copy in the mail himself, a copy of a mailer telling him that he wasn’t running.)

And  sure enough, Tom Daly IS a liar.  The mailer, which came to voters last Friday (May 11,) reproduces a chunk of a month-old article reporting that Joe was attempting to get out of the race.  It was a week after that article that Joe changed his mind, and sent out a press release to that effect, which we reported on here April 22, as did everybody else.  So that was nearly three weeks before Tom sent out this mailer.  Tom KNEW it was a lie.  He KNEW Joe was and is still running. (* see comments below)

Think of the disrespect, the contempt, this shows to the district’s Republicans.

The mailer is rounded out by endorsements from hinky insider RINOs Reed Royalty and Lucy Dunn.  (Wow, that should really energize your average lunchbox Republican on the street.)  And then it continues with so many misrepresentations that Joe couldn’t stop critiquing it.  Please, examine Tom Daly’s lying mailer, and then read Joe’s blistering response.  And if you’re a Republican, with conservative anti-tax, tough-on-unions views, vote for Joe.


My name Is Jose “Joe “ Moreno and I am still a candidate on the ballot for the 69th Assembly district.

A campaign mailer sent out yesterday on behalf of Tom Daly is a lie.

This particular mailer titled “Attention Republicans” was mailed to registered Republicans and also distributed by canvassers who called themselves Republicans.

My expanded freedoms, limited government, and absolutely “no new taxes” campaign brought relevancy to many of the 69th Assembly district voters.  But now Tom Daly is so desperate, polling a distant 3rd place, that he is willing to mislead and lie to steal your vote.


Please consider Tom Daly’s responses submitted to the OC Register’s election guide and research the true facts on your own.

Register Question: How would you solve the state’s chronic budget problems?

Tom Daly’s response: “The Legislature must stop opening new tax loopholes. In the last 20 years, those loopholes have caused a permanent loss of $112 billion.”

Tom isn’t saying he will fight to close current tax loopholes or even that he will not vote or support new tax loopholes, just that the Legislature must “stop” it.  It sounds ridiculous but this is vintage Tom Daly politics.


When Tom Daly was campaigning as a candidate for Anaheim Mayor he expressed strong opposition to the city’s controversial 1991 utility tax.  But surprisingly, once elected Mayor, Tom Daly did NOT bring up a vote to repeal the utility tax.  The truth is here.

A former Anaheim Mayor, then council member Fred Hunter, continually asked Tom Daly to bring up a motion to repeal the controversial utility tax.  Tom Daly’s lame response was, “I’ve said I oppose the tax, and that is all I have said.”

In December 1992 a Times writer wrote, “Many interpreted Daly’s campaign opposition to the tax as meaning that he would seek its repeal before its scheduled expiration.” Tom just allowed the controversial utility tax to expire on September 30th, 1993, but continually lies to voters to this day on his campaign website, mailers and neighborhood walk campaigns about what happened.

In short:

  • Candidate Tom Daly strongly opposed the utility tax to get elected.
  • Mayor Tom Daly did absolutely nothing to repeal the controversial utility tax.
  • Tom Daly took credit for the budget surplus from the controversial utility tax.


Tom Daly’s response, continued: “Second, after the latest court system computer fiasco, where a $300 million project ballooned to a $3 billion mess, the state must reconsider its own competence to do this work.”

"Daly's Folly," 433 Civic Center Drive, Santa Ana

The State’s Administrative Office of Courts was a bloated state agency, corrupted by the never-ending taxpaying money it received from the state for the county case management system (CCMS.)  It hired hundreds of new employees, gave out generous raises, gave out free IPADS, hired temporary workers making over 100,0000 a year and doesn’t this agency sound similar to the County of Orange’s, Clerk-recorders office.  Read the full story on Friends For Fullerton’s Future.

I won’t detail here the many “fiasco” or “incompetence” issues concerning Tom Daly as an elected official because most of them have also been detailed at Friends for Fullerton’s Future.


Lastly, there is a much bigger financial mess, this one over 100 billion.  While Tom Daly is getting financial support from political action committees, groups, business and individuals who will financially benefit from California High Speed Rail, he is not telling anybody publicly that he will support this project. Here is what one of the companies that has employees that have given campaign contributions to Tom Daly says on their website:

“High-Speed Rail Generates Train of Legal Work” (12/08/2011 Daily Journal)  Nossaman Infrastructure Partner Nancy Smith is quoted in the Daily Journal article “High-speed rail hit with early lawsuits,” about the potential for legal work stemming out of the California’s proposed high-speed rail network.  [Ah – Nossaman – an Ackerman connection! – Vern]

The article notes that Nossaman was hired by the rail authority to assist in the process of selecting a qualified firm to design and build the system, among other things. “We’re at the beginning of the design-build procurement process,” said Ms. Smith.

Columnist Dan Walters also wrote scathingly about the California High speed rail here.

Tom Daly’s response: “California has spent more money on what doesn’t work than the combined start-up costs of Google, Apple and eBay.

Seriously! This statement may sound inspiring but the truth is that the start-up cost for those cited companies were minimal.

Google started in the basement at Stanford University, Apple started in a garage, and Ebay start up cost was considered  “modest, even comical.”


Question:  “What is your stance on Gov. Jerry Brown’s plan to raise taxes?”

Tom Daly’s response:  “I will be voting ‘NO.’ I cannot support higher taxes as long as I see money being wasted.”

This is so simple. Tom will be voting “yes” as long as he doesn’t see money being wasted.  I don’t think he literally means he has to “see” it but one never knows with Tom.

Tom’s “no” on taxes response will soften considerably after June’s election, depending on the top two candidates, just to get him elected.

Tom Daly’s response, continued: “I cannot justify raising the sales tax on life’s necessities, while millions of persons are either out of work or working part-time. It isn’t fair, and ultimately won’t solve anything.”

There a lot of things that are unfair in life but being a hypocrite by talking about the people that are either out of work or part-time, while hiring campaign contributors or political friends’ sons and daughters who had either lost their own jobs or come from agencies that had to lay off them is despicable. (See story above from Friends for Fullerton’s Future.)


Question:  Besides the state budget, what is the single most pressing issue facing the state of California today?

Tom Daly’s response:  “The state is forcing students out of what was once California’s greatest asset, our community colleges and state universities. We must move aggressively to lower the cost of college textbooks – many now cost more than the fees to take a class – and we can do it by bringing textbooks into the digital era where they are nearly free. I will pursue initiatives like this, and restore the promise that once was the great California Promise.”

Tom expects people to believe he is now committed to students, when he used the Anaheim Union High School appointment as a means to gain a higher elected office.  He also lies when he says that he was “elected” to the AUHSD board for three years but in reality he was APPOINTED August 7th, 1986, to a 15-month term ending in November 1987.

Tom Daly has trouble with telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Don’t believe him!

My name is Jose “Joe” Moreno and I AM a candidate for the 69th Assembly district.

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