No more guilty convictions tried from the media … ever!

The body count is starting to rise.  If you watch Nancy Grace, you have to love the constant patter on every known or well known case of murder or missing persons.  Yet, this is what Nancy does and in most cases we tend to agree with her analysis.  If you look at Fox News, CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS the issues of dead folks seem to permeate the news scene.  Nightline, Insider…you name it.  It may have all started with the Natalie Holloway disappearance in Aruba.  Her mom Beth, now has her own television program Vanishing with Beth Holloway, about the missing and lost folks.  Joran Van der Sloot, the so-called protaganist, got away with the Natalie disappearance but was finally caught up for another killing in Peru.  That story continues to be brought up much like the story of Lazarus from the Bible.  We thought he was safely serving a life sentence in Peru and now the rumor is that someone wants him extradicted to the United States.  Good Grief….never bring that guy here..EVER!

Then came the Amanda Knox story from Perugia, Italy.  Some little cute rich girl from Washington State, having a world tour of the International Pleasure Community while trying to spend a few hours in classes between those sex parties and good times.  Meridith Karcher, one of her studious roommates suddenly winds up with her throat cut in a party game, and Foxy Knoxy’s  travails with the Italian prosecutor was made into another modern day “victim of the system” by the American Media.  There is every good reason to believe her conviction and that of her boyfriend should have stood – but due to the pressure of the Press….on Appeal…..Amanda is now safely back in Washington State, sans her rich Italian boyfriend and not going back to Italy….anytime soon.  She is free because of the money spent by parents for the Italian Attorney Teams and with the help of the American Press.

Casey Anthony, had her beautiful little girl Calley disappear between sex parties and good times for just about two months because the so-called, non existent baby sitter Xanny couldn’t be found.  Her weird mom and weirder dad and brother all got to be on television almost every day over a period of two and half years.  Finally, because after they found the dead body of the little girl, with duck tape over her mouth and the severe scrutiny of the American Press regarding DNA evidence and secret promises of book deals for all the jurors – which never panned out – Casey got off and now lives happily on Facebook from an undisclosed location in Ohio -hiding out as a blond.  Another Media created frenzy which was destined to reach another not so intelligent – non-conviction.

In baseball, Roger Clemons and Bobby Bonds get indicted for lying to Congress and ingestion of steroids.  The media frenzy works overtime and somehow it seems…nobody gets convicted….or if they do….nothing happens.  The media blames it all on great attorneys for the defense and the stupidity of the prosecution.  Media says:  Lacks a strong case!

The whole issue of the Media involved in reporting has been taken to a major pinnnacle with the Trayvon Martin killing.  Media outlets have editorially taken up sides and if you watch Fox News you are going to believe that George Zimmerman is just a great guy that had to defend himself from a bad thug going through his neighborhood while he was on Community Watch.  If you want MSNBC you will think that Trayvon Martin was murdered after he went to the liqour store for Skittles candy and a ice tea.  Late news from the newsroom arrives and they haven’t even chosen a jury for Zimmerman yet.  First there was no witness, suddenly they have an eye witness.  First there were no photos of Zimmerman’s injuries and now they have photos that look like Photo Shop has been working overtime.  No one knows how far away the 9MM firearm that Zimmerman carried was from Martin’s body when it went off.  Was it a race hate crime?  Was it because Trayvon Martin came over to Zimmerman to beat him up because he just didn’t like his looks.  Or was that the other way around?  The Media is trying the case and what will the Jury do when they get the case?  Right now….Zimmerman looks like he will get off based upon “Self Defense” and a “Don’t back down Florida Law!”

Finally, locally we have the death of Kelly Thomas, in bedroom community Fullerton, California.  A homeless man 37, with a mom and dad that lived separately but locally.  The Media again has taken the lead.  The awful videotape has been released showing six fully armed and engaged 250 lb. Fullerton Police Patrolmen holding down the smallish Thomas, beaten to a bloodied pulp…..  Only two of the officers have been indicted and if those in the media are not careful – everyone may still get off – right or wrong.  The mother has already accepted a cool million dollars not to sue the City later.  The father has refused $900,000 and will not sign his right to sue away….just yet.  It is a total media circus

The wheels of Justice move slowing they say.  Justice is Blind they say.  The Media Frenzys that follow these cases are neither slow or bling.  The media was probably responsible for a no conviction in the Princess Diana death….so many years ago.  In the bad old days, the media kept their mitts off ongoing cases that were before the police and District Attorney’s Office.  Today – not so!

We need a virtual “new Sheriff in town” that simply enforces the law regarding doing the ethical thing with a little Non In-Depth Coverage of “Ongoing Criminal Cases!”  Because at the present rate:  We are going to continue to get:  “Not Guilty Media – Non Convictions – Forever!

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