Do You know What is in the Food You Are Buying?

Yesterday I was shopping in Sprouts and I was in the produce section when I noticed they just got in a shipment of fresh corn. I then remembered reading an article that said Wal-Mart will be selling UNLABLED genetically modified fresh corn to its unsuspecting customers. Frankly, anyone who still shops at Wal-Mart after all their negative publicity deserves whatever crap they get in my opinion.

But let me get back to my Sprouts story. The assistant store manager happened to walk by so I stopped him and said I had some questions regarding the fresh corn. I asked him if the corn was GMO corn and he told me he didn’t know. So I asked if there was a way to find out and he responded that they just buy the corn and don’t ask those kinds of questions.  Then he tried to get away, but I held him hostage until I told him how we, the consumers have a right to know what we are eating and that it is the job of the grocery store managers to find out the answers to these questions.

Which brings me to my point, it’s really up to YOU and ME to find out what’s in our food because frankly the employees in the grocery stores are just like most of us; they go to work to get a paycheck and go home. They don’t ask questions and they certainly don’t want to rock their boat. If you think the FDA and the USDA are watching out for you you can forget it; they are in bed with the ones who are trying to sell you this Franken food, and they don’t want you to know what’s really in it because they know we would throw a fit when we found out.

Do you know that the corn you are eating (unless it’s organic) contains an insecticide  that is actually produced inside the plant, so it is impossible to wash it off? This is accomplished by inserting genes from the bacteria Bacillus Thuringiensis into the corn. Do you know that corn is under the jurisdixction of the EPA because it contains an insecticide? How’s that grilled corn taste right now?

Yesterday was only one example of how grocery store managers have no idea what kind of food they are selling in their stores. I asked a butcher years ago about the chicken he was selling; if it contained growth hormones and antibiotics, and I got the same blank look like I did from the Sprouts manager. It is up to US to make these managers think about this stuff and to get them tell their distributors to get this food labeled. We are the only ones who can really change this ‘business as usual’ model. Other countries like Ireland, Greece, Peru and France, to name a few have banned gmos, so the very least we can do is to demand our food be labeled.

Labeling gmos will be on the November ballot but we can start doing something right now. When you shop for food this week ask the manager what’s in it. Start with the produce. Tell him/her that you want it labeled or you won’t buy it. Remember money talks! We need to start a grassroots pressure and demand to know what we are being sold. After all, it’s our bodies, our health, and our hard earned money. We have a right to know!

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