Deviate from the Norm – Re-Register Republican in May for Ron Paul!

California is expected to have a contested primary for the office of President. Despite what Californians may have believed, the office of President is a closed primary where people who are not Republican such as Decline to State and Democratic Party cannot jump in and vote for the best choice for the Republican Party. You will need to re-register by May 21st so it’s in their hands at the county elections office in order to vote for Ron Paul in California.

For my non-Republican friends, you may think that Republicans may have cooties. However you will need to play the part to have a role in shaping America into a better place. When you go to the voter registration office or a volunteer to get your form, grab a second form so you can change back a week after the June primary.

Thanks to Top 2, you can still vote for your favorite non-Republican politicians if you live in districts such as Santa Ana’s Assembly District 69 or Pomona’s Congressional District 35. Unless you have an interest for voting for the Democratic Party executive committee, it is worth the tradeoff to become a temporary Republican, which I’ll cal al Blue Republicans.

It’s highly unlikely that President Obama won’t win California in November, so you can use your vote in a very responsible and tactical way. President Obama and Governor Romney are both owned by Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street concerns. President Obama and the other three Republicans want to continue the Drug War and raid our marijuana dispensaries. There is a difference with Congressman Paul that causes young people and other non-Republican leaning factions to support his campaign. He is an inspirational figure, like Barack was last time.

With Santorum suspending his campaign, would it be better to make sure Mittens does not get crowned as the next Republican nominee?  It may be fun to see Obama film advertisements beating up on Romney for how he doesn’t stand for the common person and how his venture capital firm ended up cannibalizing companies to make a profit and kill jobs at the same time. Instead, we should use Ron Paul’s campaign as a protest campaign to send both Obama and Romney a message. We need to advocate for economic and personal liberty, which both candidates lack fortitude to stand for both.

The fact of the matter is Romney and the Republican establishment is failing at the box office. Democrats successfully opened the gaping wound with the female voters that showed that Republicans are out of touch with their needs and concerns. With Congressman Paul, we are able to reach out to new communities to compensate for the miscalculations that Rush Limbaugh and Congressman Issa made with the Sandra Fluke incident. In key states that Republicans need to beat President Obama we are losing by 10 to 20 percent.

When you vote for Ron you are helping to advocate for a nation that will respect the Constitution. No longer will we have to endure presidents who violate the Fourth Amendment. President Obama approved indefinite detention of American citizens and over 30,000 drones will be flying over the American skies, but don’t worry – “If you have done nothing wrong, you have got nothing to fear.” (to quote Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys’ song “Integral.”)

We need presidents that will have to come to Congress instead of declaring war on their own. We have to go to war under congressional not United Nations resolution. When we invade other countries we help breed hostility towards our nation. Our intervention in nations around the world has spread ill will, and we continue to receive blowback from our hostilities against nations like Iran and Iraq.

If you are offended by the abuses of the TSA, Ron Paul is your alternative. We should not trade our freedom for security. If you are a foodie and you like the taste of unpasteurized milk, government should’t be your nanny, with county health departments and the FDA going after raw milk providers just like Eric Holder’s DEA is going after our marijuana dispensaries. It should all be about personal responsibility. We are spending more blood, sweat and tears when the government goes after individuals, just as when Prohibition brought our nation to crave for the forbidden drink and crime skyrocketed.

We should be allowed to be innovative to help improve our economy. Hemp should be grown so we can create new industries in paper products, livestock feed, food and medicines. Hemp has a low amount of THC, but sadly our government has a bad case of reefer madness. America is about innovation. When government constrains innovation, it hurts the ability for us to be a prosperous nation.

Please note that you are not obligated to vote for Ron in the November election if by chance he becomes the nominee, but if you do so in June you would be helping to make the California GOP a better Party.  Arnold Schwarzenegger and hard core right wingers like Lou Sheldon decimated us, but maybe now is the time to give the Ron Paul squad an opportunity. California deserves a viable opposition party so we can have common sense dialogue and consensus. Ron may not be the perfect choice, but in this election cycle he is the viable choice. If you want peace, privacy and prosperity, Ron Paul is your man!

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