The June 2012 Rosetta Stone: Meet your O. C. candidates!

Jon Huntsman

This photo actually has nothing to do with the Orange County ballot. In fact, the speech took place in Florida's Orange County rather than ours. I just thought that at this point in the Republican Presidential nomination process, most people would simply enjoy a short look at Jon Huntsman.

I’m not sure that these figures in the 8 p.m. version of the Registrar of Voters roster of candidates is truly complete — it looks like they ran out of steam towards the Assembly races and left out some people who filed today — but it’s what’s out there for now, so let’s go with it.  I’ll put in updates (and note them at the bottom) as appropriate.


U.S. Senator: Robert Lauten and Orly Taitz battle it out!  Plus other Republicans and DiFi.

CA-38: Linda Sanchez didn’t even bother filing papers in OC, despite wanting to represent La Palma!  (For La Palmans, the junior Sanchez will run against Montebello Law Enforcement Officer Jorge Robles. who will presumably be stompified.)

CA-39: Ed Royce’s seat.  Charismatic Democrat Jay Chen of Hacienda Heights (who qualified in LA County) is making great inroads into the county.  Occupy OC early-adopter D’Marie Mulattieri will be gunning for Royce.

CA-45: This is the John Campbell & Sukhee Kang face-off.  John Webb will perform the amazing feat of sniping at Campbell from the right.

CA-46: Loretta Sanchez will defend her seat against … well, pretty much no one.  Jerry Hayden, Pat Garcia, Jorge Rocha and John Cullum have also qualified.

CA-47: This is a big one, one of the closest Congressional races in CA.  The Democrat is State Senator Alan Lowenthal of Long Beach.  The Republicans are wealthy Long Beach City Councilman Gary DeLong and former Representative Steve Kuykendall of Long Beach.  Also running: Sanford Kahn, Steve Foley, and two Shahs from the same Long Beach household, both running as Dems.  (Are they trying to split the Democratic vote — or the Shah vote?)

CA-48: Dana Rohrabacher slides down the coast to new digs where he’ll take on MoveOn and Occupy figure Ron Varasteh, mano-a-mano and the mysterious Alan Schlar.

CA-49: Democrats Jerry Tetalman and Dick Eiden compete for the right to take on Darrell Issa down south.  Unless not everyone qualified, of course.

SD-29: Your article’s author, Greg Diamond, goes up against Bob Huff, who qualified in LA County, but further deponent sayeth not.

SD-37: Former Congressional Candidate Steve Young will take on Sen. Mimi Walters, who will face a largely new electorate.  Occupy wunderkind Emahn Novid, who turns 18 in a few days, is expected to make an NPP write-in run.  More on Emahn later!

AD-55: Gregg Fritchle of Walnut and Curt Hagman of Chino Hills repeat their face-off from 2010 in ths sole Assembly District that crosses county lines.

AD-65: Fullerton Mayor Sharon Quirk-Silva’s late entry into the race against Rep. Chris Norby sets up the closest and potentially most important match-up in the county.

AD-68: Longtime Ed Royce foe Christina Avalos will take on Don Wagner.

AD-69: Robert Hammond didn’t qualify; Michele Martinez, Tom Daly, Julio Perez, and Paco Barragan did.  This pretty much makes Daly the de facto Republican candidate.  (But wait!  Republican Jose “Not that Jose Moreno” Moreno has taken out papers as well!  If we qualifies, from whom will Not That take votes?  And who put him up to running?)

AD-72: Los Alamitos Mayor Troy Edgar entered the race late to run against Tyler Diep … no, Diep’s out … and Matthew Harper of Huntington Be … no, now Harper’s dropped out (and announced for 2018.  Yeah, right.)  Is Republican Long Pham still in?  Apparently so!  He hasn’t filed for the Board of Ed race, but I think he still has time.  Did Travis Allen’s ballyhooed entry into the race come to pass?  Yes it did! Joe Dovinh is the only serious Democrat in the race — sorry, Albert Ayala — and should still make the runoff.  The three-way Troy/Travis/Long race for the other spot has the potential to be highly interesting, though I’m betting that most will give Edgar the edge.

AD-73: Diane Harkey defends the seat against James Corbett.

AD-74: This looked to be a straight Allan Mansoor vs. Leslie Daigle race until Bob Rush joined the Democratic Party and signed up.  An Occupy write-in candidacy remains a possibility to stir the pot.

County Board of Ed 1: Ken Nguyen has qualified. Long Pham and Anita Mathur have not, but I think that they still have time.  (Long Pham is out after a somewhat hilarious last moment two-step described by the Tickle.  Robert Hammon, Art Pedroza, and Eleazar Elizondo have qualified.)

County Board of Ed 3: Ken Williams and Mary Galuska have qualified.

County Board of Ed 4: Jack Bedell (presuming that he files) appears likely to be the only person on the ballot who will run unopposed –  except for almost all of our state court judges.

Board of Supes 1: Steve Rocco takes on Janet Nguyen.

Board of Supes 3: Friendless Debra Pauly has earned the right to lose badly to Todd Spitzer.

Fullerton Council Recall – Don Bankhead: aspirants to replace him include Jane Rands, Greg Sebourn, Paula Williams and Rick Alvarez.  (Note that no Council candidates in any race are shown as being on the ballot.)

Fullerton Council Recall – Dick Jones: aspirants to replace him include Roberta Reid, Glenn Georgieff,  Travis Kiger, Michael Hakim, Barry Levinson, and Dorothy Birsic.  The shocker (for me, at least), enough to make me wonder if it is a clerical error, is Levinson filing to run in the same race as Travis Kiger.  Unless Levinson plans to run as a wingman for Kiger and not pick up any votes, this would seem to split the libertarian vote, making a Glenn Georgieff plurality more likely.  If it’s a clever way to get Democrats to support the Jones recall thinking that Georgieff will win — and then mass all of the votes behind Kiger, then I salute the ingenuity — and I think it might work.  (And, of course — it did turn out to be a clerical error: Levinson is running for the McKinley seat, as expected.)

Fullerton Council Recall – Pat McKinley: aspirants to replace him include Doug Chaffee, Matthew Rowe, Sean Paden and, following correction of the aforementioned clerical error, Barry Levinson.

Central Committee Seats (bear in mind that AD-55 is mostly out of the county.)  I’m just reporting raw numbers here, which may give some sense of the relative interest in institutional party politics on the part of activists in the various parts of the county.  Each district sends 6 people to the Democratic and Republican Central Committees.  None of the minor parties had more candidates than available seats. (I don’t know if qualification may continue after Saturday’s report, but it’s not clear to me why it would.)

55 — 3 Dem (2 qualified), 14 Rep (10 qualified)

65  — 6 Dem (6 qualified), 12 Rep (11 qualified)

68 — 12 Dem (9 qualified), 20 Rep (18 qualified)

69 — 10 Dem (7 qualified), 12 Rep (10 qualified)

72 — 8 Dem (5 qualified), 18 Rep (14 qualified)

73 — 14 Dem (13 qualified), 23 Rep (22 qualified)

74 — 16 Dem (13 qualified), 21 Rep (16 qualified)

Minor parties: AI (3 of 10, AD-73 only); Green (5 of 7, countywide); P&F (1 of 5, 5th Supv. Dist.) (all qualified)


This is probably as good a place to note this as any: The Secretary of State has extended the filing period in over 50 races statewide, for the reason that an incumbent has not filed.  Orange County districts affected by this include:

CA-47 (the “Allen Lowenthal vs. Gary DeLong or Steve Kuykendall” race)

AD-69 (the “only four Democrats are left in it and all Republicans are skeered to run” race)

AD-72 (the “Travis Allen, Edgar of Troy, Long Pham vs. Joe Dovinh” race).

So the roster above is not entirely final.  If there’s a Republican out there in the district named “Tom Daley” or something like that, this is your ticket to glory!

(Note to Robert Hammond: even if Phu Nguyen does run against you for OCBE, after that press release announcing your switch, you’re stuck.  No backsies.)

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Somewhat verbose attorney, semi-retired due to disability, residing in northwest Brea. Occasionally runs for office against bad people who would otherwise go unopposed. Got 45% of the vote against Bob Huff for State Senate in 2012; Josh Newman then won the seat in 2016. In 2014 became the first attorney to challenge OCDA Tony Rackauckas since 2002; Todd Spitzer then won that seat in 2018. Every time he's run against some rotten incumbent, the *next* person to challenge them wins! He's OK with that. Corrupt party hacks hate him. He's OK with that too. He does advise some local campaigns informally and (so far) without compensation. (If that last bit changes, he will declare the interest.)