Irvine Council to Consider Asking San Onofre to “Spare the Rods”

A completely unfair, totally inaccurate, and overly literal artistic depiction of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station "melting down." In reality, it's just venting radiation.

YOUR HELP is needed to stop the re-licensing of San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant. Please attend the Irvine City Council Meeting, Tuesday, March 27th , 6:00 PM. Council Member Larry Agran has place an item on the agenda regarding San Onofre.

Council Member Agran is taking action on a request made by the San Clemente Council City Council to join them in demanding the removal of the 4,000 tons of high-level radioactive used fuel rods currently stored on-site. If they cannot be removed, there should be no 20 year extension on the original 40 year license.

Along with a call for implementation of safety measures brought to light by the accident in Fukushima, Japan, the waste storage on-site at San Onofre is at the heart of the resolution passed by the San Clemente Council on October 18, in a 5-0 vote. The resolution also called for letters to be sent to Edison, the NRC, and elected officials. Additionally, letters were sent to each and every city in Orange County asking the councils to join with San Clemente demanding radioactive waste removal.

On February 7, the City Council of Laguna Beach passed a similar resolution.

It is now Irvine’s turn. Your presence will let the council know the people of Irvine share the concerns about San Onofre and its waste storage.

Your three minute comments to the council are welcome. We are also asking that green is worn to the meeting so the council can identify supporters in the audience.

Please attend this important meeting. If you have questions, please call Marion Pack at 949-922-3273, or email at

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