T. R. BlackEye responds, with characteristic gusto, to a form letter on PIPA from Senator Boxer.

Dear Mr. Black:

Thank you for writing to me regarding S.968, the PROTECT Intellectual Property Act (PIPA).  I appreciate hearing from you.

As you may know, the bill’s authors are now working to address the issues and concerns that have been raised.

I am hopeful that Congress can develop legislation that will prevent piracy and the theft of intellectual property while also maintaining the openness and innovation of the Internet that has made it such a vital engine of communication, creativity, and economic growth.

Be assured that I will keep your views in mind as the Senate continues to consider this vital issue.

Again, thank you for writing to me.  Please feel free to contact me in the future about issues of concern to you.


Barbara Boxer
United States Senator 

Please do not respond to this message. If you would like to comment on legislation, please visit my website and use the correspondence form at https://www.boxer.senate.gov/en/contact/policycomments.cfm.

Dear Senator Boxer:

Thanks for the personal response; I am exhilarated that it wasn’t a form letter. I know you hate it when you get those from for-profit health insurance corporations, too. Please don’t read this on your iPhone, though. Steve Jobs is as dead as the concept of job creation thru lowering taxes on wealthy individuals and corporations. Oh, wait, that concept is still the law.

Is it fair to infer that you were for the original bill (S.968), even though your letter tries to have it both ways? I realize the pressure from members of your tribe must be great. But remember, it is they who have been overly greedy middling middlemen; monopolizing the market for decades by fighting each new technology, as it emerged, instead of quickly adapting. As you know, in the culture of your birth, the maxim is usually “lawyers first” (I am certain your husband can attest to that). The people (like reps Berman, Waxman, & Harmon (retired), not to mention now-lobbyist Hilary Rosen previously from the RIAA, etal) who have been pushing this issue for over a decade with lawsuits (going after teenagers and their poor parents), have been a mostly Democrats, unfortunately. And, these people, along with the (unprosecuted) mavens within the financial houses on Wall Street and the unctuous actions by the failed state of Israel, are fomenting the re-emergence of anti-Semitism on a global scale. This is not a welcome trend for anyone. Especially Persians stuck in Iran with a democratically unelected regime.

Your people might try to think this thing through – most pirating would never convert to sales anyway, unless the prices were affordable for the lowest income earners and the unemployed like myself. Furthermore, much of the downloaded digital data goes to hoarders who never even take the time to watch or listen or use the software. If they did, we’d have a country rife with under-employed college grads, defaulting on their ever-growing student loans (guaranteed by the U.S. taxpayer to PRIVATELY-held entities), acting retarded by playing online computer games all day. Mostly, they just want to say they have “it.” They are guilty of wasting bandwidth and nothing more. How many are profiting by selling this stuff? Easy enough to prosecute those money-grubbing capitalists within existing laws. Why don’t you sic the dolts in the DEA on them – like Jeremy Lin, they probably have Chinese ideas regarding intellectual property. I suppose, if you must, you could unleash Democrat Holder’s Gestapo on the kids who hoard because they are probably having illicit sex using contraception (to PROTECT themselves from unwanted breeding results and/or disease), anyway – woof!)? As it is, these thugs, er, agents do nothing constructive when they attack terminally ill old folks in California for ingesting medical marijuana. Classy!

And, please, don’t ever call Jack & Jill with Adam Sandler “intellectual” property. See it for yourself. It will change your life and your expectations. Curb Your Enthusiasm, now there is intellectual property.

Meanwhile, keep up the good fight against Katholic Klowns like Rick Santorum and the Komenites for screwing with the American women’s personal rights like they were members of the towel-headed Taliban. Sadly, the evolutionary ship has sailed on that one, leaving their ilk in the wake. Why don’t they embrace a Third World nation, where their primitive thinking belongs. Maybe they could provide flyswatters to keep the perennially persistent pests off the faces of African children used in TV ads to attract funds for religious organizations who are “helping.” No, wait. I think genocide has actually increased on the continent since religious people and communists have “helped” themselves to the native’s natural resources.

And, please embrace those who want the Confederacy to secede from the Union, like your colleague Jeff Sessions. Lincoln was dead wrong. It is time to admit it. Please attempt get the moderate Republican in the White House, President Obama, to see the light. And don’t laugh at Confederates (people with an R-district/state after their names), they are doing the best they can with what they have, which isn’t much. Release them from their chains and give them their freedom so that Americans can be free, too. Give Mitch a nice handshake and wish him well in his new country, The Confederate States of the American Continent. Just like in an amicable, no-fault divorce. You have to admit, this action is centuries overdue. They don’t need no stinkin’ education, or energy policy, or safe food, or a safe, sustainable environment. Just guns & Jesus and a tall fence along the Mexican border keeping out men named Jesus. Semper fi. Yeeha! (oh, sorry, that was Governor Dean of Vermont)

Once these Rebs have been jettisoned from America, like they have always dreamt, you can lead the movement to greatly reduce our Military Welfare State. Time to get these freeloading destroyers of people, places, and things (nouns) off the public dole and get them to participate in useful activities, like becoming armed federal tax collectors specializing in corporate collections and doing house-to-house audits of the owners of any residential lot with a structure of over 6,000 square feet, rather than destructive actions like constructing more dams along the Mississippi. The Confederate Military Welfare State can do that until “those” people, in the lower wards of New Orleans, are totally wiped out. Wait, with what currency? Will they pay for it in Davis bucks? Will Davis bucks trade against the Euro? Will Davis bucks be able to purchase a latte at Starbucks? Will America have to worry about illegal immigrants from the Confederate States when their economic plans collapse under the aegis of their monetary czar, Grover Norquist? Contemplating the possibilities of these concepts should keep you busy until the next election.

Speaking of economies of scale, as a trained economist and former stockbroker, will you address this issue:

I have yet to see an economist address the real overlying problem confronting us today: The irrefutable scientific fact that the international economic paradigm (model), based on the eternal growth, of both the human population and that of corporations (they’re people, too), on a finite planet, is unsustainable.

Only catastrophe seems to move world leaders to ever change the status quo. In the meantime, the quality of life will continue to diminish for the vast majority of a world population, which is far too large already, to afford the “good life” to all. Therefore, world justice can never be achieved, thus civilization is still a dream to most. We are under the delusion that human evolution is keeping pace with technological innovation. It is not. Since there is no discussion of changing this universally accepted economic paradigm, there are no useful, sustainable solutions coming from any institution, including the government of the United States. This is unconscionable. The issues you bicker over are dwarfed by this overlying conundrum. Figure it out!  Don’t worry about who lifted the theme from Pirates of the Caribbean on YouTube…

Thank you for reading/listening/understanding and for your solemn promise to keep my views in your mind during your working hours in the Senate of these United (hopefully not all the) States (for too long) of America. Maybe we could do lunch sometime when you come to Irvine. On me. I will bake cookies made from ingredients bought with my food stamps and sell them to guilt-ridden liberals to get the cash to pay for it. I know times are tough for Senators, too.

I look forward to your astute answers regarding my further concerns mentioned in this reply to your letter in response to my concerns over the PIPA doctrine.

Respectfully, your faithful California Constituent,

Mr. Black

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