R. (“Riggy-fluffer”) Scott Moxley calls us some nasty names! (With poll.)

There are no photos of R Scott Moxley known to exist, but he does always wear a baseball cap.

The things that pop up to distract you when you’re trying to prepare a foolproof legal case against sleazy ex-Senate Minority Leader Dick Ackerman, the Judas of the Fairgrounds!  Suddenly this afternoon, my pal Gus Ayer calls and lets me know that the OC Weekly‘s R Scott Moxley has just referred to myself and this blog (in some lame-ass puff-piece about Pedroza’s new project) thusly:

“Pedroza handed his Orange Juice blog over to a knee-jerk Democratic Party loyalist [that would evidently be me – V] who turned the website into a mind-numbingly boring, frothy fellatio party for liberal elected officials…”

And thanks to all my friends who let me know about this slap, because I sure wouldn’t have known without you!  I’m just not able to make the time to read Moxley’s blogging, which generally concerns the trials of women who cut their boyfriend’s dick off and such.

It’s clear from Scott’s dig at us and me, that he IS aware of my March 2011 critique of him, “The Once-Great R. Scott Moxley Fluffs Jim Righeimer,” and has been steaming over it ever since.  In that particular piece I criticized the prodigiously accomplished but past-his-prime journalist for uncritically swallowing and regurgitating all of anti-labor Costa Mesa councilman Righeimer’s fallacious talking points, then corrected all of his faulty assertions at length, and then sketched out Scott’s de-evolution from bold muckraker of the 90’s to today’s cranky reactionary apologist.  Specifically, anti-labor reactionary.  (And the colloquial verb “to fluff” means “to arouse a pornographic actor for a sexual scene.”)

But I really don’t think Scott ever read that piece, even if he kind of knows it exists.  It’s obvious he hasn’t read my blog at all, or he would never have characterized it in such a laughable way.  He strikes me as a narcissist who doesn’t read other people’s stuff.  I doubt he’s read anything by Art Pedroza either, at least not in years, or he probably wouldn’t be such an enthusiastic booster.  Or maybe all it takes to get favorable mention from Moxley is to kiss his ass.

No, I can tell that Scott’s description of me and this blog came from his conversations with Art, and Art’s usual bitching about me and Greg Diamond, and how “far-left” his old cherished blog has become.  And then Scott probably thought, “Hey, Vern Nelson, isn’t that the guy who insulted me last year?” and ratcheted it up a few notches.  Well, is anything Scott said about us true?  I’ll let you answer in a couple minutes, but first, consider:

1. Am I a kneejerk Democrat loyalist? Most Democrats who read my stuff and know me sure wouldn’t say so.

  • I pissed off the DPOC by supporting Green candidates over DINOs Dianne Feinstein and Phil Angelides back in ’06.
  • I freaked out the crowd at the Liberal OC back in early ’08 when I called for a demonstration against Speaker Pelosi (this was back when she was refusing to impeach Bush, and continuing to support the Iraq War and saber-rattle at Iran.)
  • I criticized Obama as far back as mid-2008 over his flip-flop on Telecom Immunity – see “Guess WE’RE Sister Souljah Now” – and I’ve continued to criticize him whenever necessary, such as for his refusal to push for a public option in Obamacare, and his recent signging of the NDAA.
  • I’ve usually been supportive of Loretta Sanchez because she’s deserved it (and I even played piano for her wedding and reception) but when she talked cryptically on MSNBC about “changing Social Security” I wrote a “WTF” post, and I was part of the contingent, along with Gustavo, Gabriel and Pedroza, that pressured her into finally co-authoring the DREAM Act.  In fact now that I remember, I joined in protests outside her office in ’07 until she agreed to stop voting to fund the War in Iraq.  People thought we were crazy but it worked.
  • I’ve mostly been a nightmare to Jose Solorio and Lou Correa, the latter of whom says “Friend or foe today?” when he sees me.  This is difficult because I like them both personally, but they’ve both made way too many inexcusable votes.  One of my many pieces calling them to account was September’s “‘Democrats’ Lou Correa and Jose Solorio Help Kill AB52, which would protect consumers from exorbitant health insurance hikes.
  • I’m always the first to compliment a Republican when they do something good, and I’ve written a lot of positive stuff about both Ron Paul and Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson. And I’m planning to be a big supporter of Green Fullerton council candidate Jane Rands this year.  And the CM councilwoman I was defending against Moxley in my “Fluffing” article for her reasonable approach to city workers was Conservative Republican Wendy Leece.

So, all around, what do you think?  Does Scott know what the fuck he’s talking about?

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2. Is the Orange Juice mind-numbingly boring? Well, that’s your call, but if you answer yes, I’d think you’d be somewhere else instead…

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3. Are we a “frothy fellatio party for liberal elected officials?”

While answering that, I would take into account not only my own critical record above, but maybe also the fact that this is where you find Geoff Willis harping on what he calls “Obama Murdergate,”  Larry Gilbert decrying “Obamacare,”  Tony Bushala trashing Loretta Sanchez, Pam Keller, Tom Daly, Lorrie Galloway, and many other local Dems, and Guy Fawkes savaging Larry Agran and his Irvine cabal… not to mention Democrats and “liberals” being attacked from the left by Gabriel San Roman and Duane Roberts!  So…

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4. Finally, and most strangely … would you call a “frothy fellatio party” mind-numbingly boring?  I would think, depending on your particular sexual bent, you would either find it disgusting, or exciting, or some sort of combination of the two.  But evidently in R. (“Riggy-fluffer”) Scott Moxley’s mind, there can be such a thing as a “mind-numbingly boring frothy fellatio party.”  So I have to ask you, dear reader:

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