Newt Zoot strikes again!




Newt in "Zoot Suit" pose


Maybe some images actually ARE too horrible to publish, but we do need an illustration, so … here’s Newt Gingrich, playing the myth of “El Pendejo.”

It all starts out with the election of 2008,  McCain-Palin takes the stage and the world is transfixed by the girl with rimless glasses.  After eight years of the lovable George and Laura Bush at the helm, the players on stage left had left a void.  Standing up to take the reigns of office were two Democratic challengers:  Barack Obama and Senator from New Year and Former First Lady Hillary Clinton.  That election seemed like a slam dunk for Hillary.  How in the world could some young Black Senator from Chicago have any chance against the gifted and intelligent Hillary?

The people spoke and after the dust had settled, not only had the Black Senator from Illinois beaten the powerful Hillary, but then captured the Presidency of the United States from the likes of McCain-Palin.  Although, the then knocked up daughter of the ex-Governor and Republican Running Mate from Alaska – did eventually get on “Dancing with the Stars!”  Sarah Palin co-wrote a book, created her own Reality TV show and has made millions of dollars…..yeah Tod!

The shock to the United States and the World at large was overwhelming.  A Global Economic Meltdown precipitated by 10 years of economic smoke and mirrors had at last been created by the rolling back all the Banking Regulations and Consumer Protections in 1998!  The disease was endemic seemingly to the entire Euro-US Economic Zone.  Artificially inflated Real Estate values, fueled by the constant re-selling of bits, pieces, parts and variations on the theme had created economic chaos and Economic Companies and Institution began to crash and now countries.  Iceland was the first, then Portugal, now Greece, Italy, Spain and many more in the future.  The Bankers of the World agreed:  “Let the people bail us out with Federal Funds.  Let the people prevent the Investment Bankers from failing!  Knock out Independent Banks and let only the Too Big to Fail survive!”  Those decisions were all made in 2006-2007 however and the new President was forced to go along, to raise the National Debt from a little over $4.3 Trillion dollars to todays number closer to $15.4 Trillion dollars.  Luckily we can thank Ken Lay, Jeff Skillings, Bernie Ebbers and Bernie Madoff…..for making these criminal undertakings come all into reality and knowledge for the American people.

In the midst of all this going on, was a conglomerate of folks from a variety of backgrounds and resources who stepped forward to say:  “A pocks on both your houses!”  Welcome, the so-called Tea Party.  Remember the Tea Party?  Those were folks, some Republicans, some Democrats, some Independents, some racists, some out of work……that all came together to elect a bunch of: “Refuse to do politicians in the 2010 mid-term elections!”  The powerful leaders of the Republican party said:  “We are not afraid of the Tea Party!  They are our friends….many of them!”  The result was, nothing much has been accomplished by either party since the election of the Tea Party folks…who are definitely reminecsent of “The Whig Party, of the Do-Nothing Party of the 1800’s!”

Then came the “Occupy Forces”!  The Occupy Forces are tired of the greed of the so-called 1% of the population controlling and not sharing all their cash with the 99%.  This force seems ongoing for a couple of reasons:  (1) There are still a lot of folks out of work and (2) Banks are locking up all their cash for any so-called risky endeavors that are not fortified by Federal Funds.  GE seems fine, GM seems fine, Goldman-Sachs seems fine…..yep, those folks can still borrow money without a problem.  Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae seem to still be in business…even though they truly may be worth only one third of what they were in 2006.  They still have not written down the residential or commercial loans that are out there.  Luckily, the Occupy Forces will stay the course through the next four years….no matter who is finally elected in November 2012!

Fast Forward the Republican Primaries of 2012.  The list of initial front-runners which included nine to 13, four or more undeclared…are now down to the last four.  Mitt Romney – the ultra rich Mormon guy, Newt Gingrich – the ultra questionable ethics and moral guy, Ron Paul – the ultra locked in the 1800’s guy and Rick Santorum – the ultra church going, sweater vest guy!  Iowa goes for Santorum, New Hampshire goes for Romney and South Carolina goes for Gingrich!

The next big Republican Primary election is in Florida and Jeb Bush, who may be himself a candidate in 2016 has decided to he may endorse Mitt Romney.  That should give Mitt enough shove to bearly beat Newt in Florida.  If that happens, the fortunes of Newt the Zoot……and his Tiffany underpants may be numbered.  Ron Paul really should come in second in Florida…..but right now it reminds us of last weeks NFL Play-offs.  Lot’s of surprises and nothing that makes much sense!  Newt Gingrich needs to tells us how much he made from Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae in the past and now.  Newt needs to explains his ethics violation during his time with Congress.  Newt needs to explain his deep friendship with the Clintons.  Newt needs to explain if Wife Swapping is an acceptable type of conduct for any member of Congress or as President of the United States. Newt needs to explain what specific protections are necessary in the Regulation of Economic Markets to pull us out of World Economic Chaos.   Not so many things for a blabby guy who can’t seem to shut up about almost anything.  And then there is Mitt……..what about all your cash in the Caymans?

The road ahead looks pretty bumpy for all of the Republican Candidates for President.  We wish them all well.  One thing for sure, the Las Vegas Gamblers are having field day figuring out the odds today!

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