Feet, Do Your Thing!




According to a recent report from the U.S. Census Bureau, that is just what many Californians are saying and doing – they are leaving California. According to a Huffington Post story of November 28, the US Census Bureau reported that people are leaving California at a faster rate than any other state.

According to the Census Bureau report and the Huffington Post article, four of the top ten most common state to state moves between 2009 and 2010 were from California. Specifically, 68,959 people moved from here to Texas, 47,164 to Arizona, 39,468 to Washington State, and 35,472 to Nevada. The move from California to Texas was the biggest state to state move in the United States, followed by 55,011 New Yorkers who moved to Florida. The main reason for moving from California was found to be employment, the reason given by 44% of California’s movers.

While not mentioned in the Huffington article, there are other known reasons that apply to some of the other 56%, at least on an anecdotal basis. Such as: traffic congestion; just too many people; crime and gangs; intensifying ethnic and cultural differences; and taxes.

So, it seems, the comparatively good weather in California is not enough to keep people here in a growing number of cases. Will economic, public policy and social trends moderate and the exodus slow down, or will more and more of us become disenchanted?

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