Occupy Wall Street – A Directionless Force


  A friend of mine sent me this and I really liked the sentiment and want to pass it on to the noble readers of the juice:

What’s going on with the Protesters?

How many of you have heard of the top down, bottom up, inside out theory?  Take a balloon for instance.  Put pressure on it from the top, from the bottom up, doesn’t it eventually pop?  Well, that’s what is happening with the Occupy Wall Street protesters.  These people have had pressure from the top (Wall Street and big government), from the bottom (can’t pay their bills, homes being foreclosed on, loans can’t be paid, can’t get a job), and they are “popping out.”  This popping out is creating immediate chaos in the day-to-day lives of those unfortunate enough to live and work in the area where they are protesting (at least for now).  Their goal is to shut down the financial institutions unless their demands are met. 

What are their demands? 

They want to be bailed out of their loans, their student loans, and their home loans.  Their reasoning is that since the corrupt banks got bailed out from the government, so should they.  They lack health care and jobs.  They want money for education.  And, they want the destruction of the environment to stop.  They also want a redistribution of money from the rich to them.  They blame corruption and unfair practices with the banks and with corporations.  They blame the government too but that gets a backseat to banks and corporations and rich people. 

Who’s Supporting Them?

Th Occupy Wall Street movement is growing across the United States in the major cities.  Support for their protest includes Hollywood celebrities, professors from our Ivy League Schools, the powerful public unions, and local governments.  These influential people are fueling the protesters to be more angry, to believe they are so right and blameless in their struggle.  Are they?  In California the Los Angeles City Council along with the Mayor sympathizes with the protest movement.  The City gave out 100 ponchos to the protesters.  Taxpayers by the way paid for them.  Interestingly, in New York the movement already has a nice 4-color newspaper being handed out to the protesters, unifying them in their angry quest and demands.  Who financed that?

What does the President say?

This morning on the radio, I heard the President talk about this situation.  He has no plans to try to stop them and protect the rest of America from their pressure to shut down the financial institutions unless their demands are met.  The President sympathizes with them.  He blames all the same people although he added Republicans to the group. 

What’s the Truth?

It is true, Republicans (as well as the tea party) were not in favor of the bailouts.  They were not in favor of more spending, more social programs, or more federal agencies.  They were interested in cutting spending, reducing the debt, and eliminating overlapping  federal agencies.  Of course, it’s not popular.  They were against the stimulus, against raising the debt ceiling, etc.  But why?  Because the debt of our nation was and is becoming so astronomical it is threatening our national security (our families) and our sovereignty.  It was going way beyond just being able for you to get a job, keep working, put food on the table or get health care, or for you to pay off your loans.  Way beyond!

 Who’s to Blame?

The growing national debt, the growing government social programs that don’t help the people help themselves, is the bottom up the President along with his administration and the Democrats don’t want to talk about.  They don’t want to let the Occupy Wall Street protesters know that the government is also to blame.  Big time, both parties!  They want to remain blameless in your eyes so they will not tell you the truth.  Notice how they are blameless.  But, in reality they are the ones that have been acting “stupidly” and “irresponsible” to put it in the words of the President.  Again, both parties and for so many years.  Why?  Because they can win votes and make for themselves lots of money, your money. 

Our National Security at Risk!

In truth, this President and his administration has stepped up the rate of this unsustainable debt crisis, truly our national security crisis, all in the name of doing what’s best for you or fair for you.  These are liberal policies being implemented – social justice (socialism?), and progressive policies being implemented – government is the solution (communism?).  Keep in mind that social justice is not part of our Constitution and certainly government intrusion to the extent our government has gone is also not part of our Constitution.  Is this what President Obama meant when he said he was going to fundamentally transform America?  Keep in mind also that it was these same social justice programs and government intrusion (extra money for schools and teachers, lunch programs, books & supplies, etc.) that were implemented in efforts to help our inner cities and their families.  Inner cities where crimes run rampant and education is at its worst.  Where hope for a better life is dark and whose numbers are ever increasing. 

Time to Prepare!

All this to say, financial experts and political experts are telling us we are in the making for a collapse of our society.  I would have more hope if it were not for the wool being pulled over the eyes of our youth and over the eyes of many uninvolved Americans.  I would have hope if the media would do its job.  I would have hope if other men and women of influence would open their eyes, research for themselves, and speak up.  I would have hope if Congress would begin impeachment of this President for so many indiscretions.  I would have hope if we could freely bring God into the discussion.  But, this is not happening.  So, be prepared.  Start finding out what it is you can and should do to help your family.  The basic necessities will take all your time and money.  There will be no time to look back. 

Cathy Richardson

Co-Founder, SOC912

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