Weiner Caught in Zipper of Lies




In one of the great moments of my legal career I was sitting in a deposition with a Hollywood Celebrity who was suing a “women’s” magazine for photo shopping his face onto someone else’s body.  When the celeb was handed the photo supposedly of himself in the buff he said, “I have spent many pleasurable hours with my member and I can tell you without hesitation that IS NOT MY WIENER.”  We all believed him.

So last week when liberal bombastic Congressman Anthony Weiner was asked whether the photo of the small but excited member hidden behind briefs was his and he “said, I can’t tell for sure,” I laughed out loud.  I am pretty sure that I remember all of the pictures of me taken in my underpants – the last one when I was about 3.  I also know that if someone found a picture of me I would not hesitate to say, “yeah, that’s me.”  We all knew he was lying, it only took him a week or so to fess up. http://www.latimes.com/news/la-pn-anthony-weiner-news-conference-20110606,0,7486176.story?track=rss

This is one of those occasions when I am going to allow myself to enjoy a giggle or two.  Weiner has made a name for himself by shouting down the opposition.  There is a ton of tape out there with the New York Congressman literally dousing any attempts for those that disagree with him to be heard by using full volume of his annoyingly screechy voice to block their words from being heard.  Weiner was viewed as a rising liberal star – a smart cookie – evidently he is book smart, not street smart.

Unfortunately for Weiner he is old friends with political satirist Jon Stewart.  While Stewart was a bit restrained early in the scandal he could no longer hold back when Weiner declared that he was going to launch an investigation into the identity of the penis:

“An investigation?” Stewart asked, sounding incredulous. “You know, I’m no big city detective, but why don’t you just check inside your pants? … Seriously? An investigation? Your penis didn’t rob the Bellagio.” 

What troubles me as much as the continued lies of Weiner is the comments coming from the media.  When asked why Weiner was not being taken to task in the same way that Republican Congressman are held accountable, several members of the media replied “Weiner never held himself out as having high morals.”  Really?  We are going to accept an elected official placing the bar on the ground and watching as he trips over it?  I understand the greater irony and hypocricy  of someone casting himself as being morally superior being caught violating there own principles, but I would think we would hold ALL elected officials to a standard of moral responsibility that would included telling the truth.

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