All Aboard…..Leaving on Track 9!




They say….when you are in a financial hole…..the first step to recovery is to stop digging!  Of course, this advice does not apply to Goldman-Sachs, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, AIG, GM, GE or the World Investment Banking Community At-Large – that are busy trying to bail out Greece before Portugal, Spain, Belgium, France and Germany before they all bite the big one.  In the meantime, the talk on this Sunday is all about whether to raise the debt ceiling……and pay Medicare and Social Security Payments, Military Retirees or maybe even our current Military.   

The front page of the Sunday OC Register said:  “Ambiguity Clouds High Speed Rail”.  Actually, it showed a very descriptive projection map of the planned course along with the obvious extensions.  The HSR starts in Sacramento, takes a spur off to San Francisco just past Merced….south of Merced the line runs through Fresno thru Bakersfield to Palmdale, Los Angeles, Anaheim and then finishing up in San Diego.  We seem to be missing that well very publicized spur from Anaheim to Las Vegas on the map provided.  The Barstow Outlet Mall probably lobbied hard against it…along with Southwest Airlines, Calico Ghost Town and Peggie Sue’s Diner!

The cost of this immense undertaking  is projected to run anywhere from $45 Billion dollars to upwards of $213 Billion dollars.  Now, how in the world can the projected cost have so much variance?  Well, before we go there,  let’s talk about some interesting pluses to creating a “World Class Transportation System”:  Let’s try initially adding  160,ooo high paying Construction jobs.  Let’s talk about adding 450,000 American jobs that cannot be outsourced!  Let’s talk about leaving our progeny something to remember “the Boomer Generation” by.

So, how much will this “Expansion Bridge to the Moon” cost us exactly?  Well, that’s what the nay sayers want to know.  The nay sayers also want to know in nagging detail…..”What’s your detailed plan?”  “How much is this boondoggle going to cost exactly?”  “How are we going to pay for this when our state is going deficit $16 Billion dollars every year?” “Whose going to buy those dumb HSR bonds?”  “Where is the Private Sector?”  “What will the Private Sector do?”

Well, instead of asking those questions – why aren’t they asking these:  “Where is the Citizen Oversight Committee that will be monitoring the progress of the project?” “Why can’t this process begin with a time-line chart with budgetary outlays under those time lines?”  “Why can’t we say with impunity:  This is a five year plan!”?  “Why can’t we just say: the estimated or true cost of this HSR might well exceed $400 Billion Dollars before the last bit of track is laid.”?  

The fact of the matter is:  The World Banking System has cost the United States of America a little over $8 Trillion dollars since President Bush fell on the sword back in 2008.  The National Debt in 2007 as you might remember was $6.4 Trillion dollars.  Today:  $14.8 Trillion dollars.  The Republicans are busy trying to worry about a measley $4 Trillion Dollars….much akin to stamping on ants while the elephants are getting away.  We have been placed in the terrible position of “Stagflation”…..brought to us first back in the days of Jimmy Carter.  This time, the Democrats didn’t do it…, World Banking gets the nod.  President Obama has to either build us out of this mess or simply close the doors to the Federal Reserve and watch people fly out of high rise windows…as they did back in the 1930’s!  Remember “Stagflation”?   That means we have a Stagnating economy….sending all our jobs out of the country…out sourcing and then watching the prices of staple goods rise like crazy – gasoline, food, energy, building and construction costs!  Tried to repair your plumbing or electrical systems lately?  Expensive isn’t it? 

These are very complex and edgy economic times that require more sophisticated and capable responses…..than simple “cost cutting”.  High Speed Rail with all its doubters will bring jobs, bring new technology and leave our next generation with options….rather than driving the “Grapevine Hill” bumper to bumper in summer and bumper to bumper skidding in the winter.  Terrorist Attacks, Earthquakes or perhaps even a California Wild Fire aside……HSR needs to come and it needs to create and keep jobs for California.  We encourage the Governor, our President and the entire California Legislature to help dig us out of this terrible economic malaise…..little by little.  Make each step forward either a tactical or strategic solution.  Let us add things to our society that we want to keep in the long term and that are sustainable.  High Speed Rail is not for 2012… is for our future! 

Finally, will HSR be the end all – be all answer to our National and International Economic problems?  Certainly not, but what is certain;  If we do nothing…the results will be exactly the same as they are now – or worse!  If construction costs are high today…..when might they become more affordable?  

 Time to Get Onboard the Bullet Train folks!

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