We want to see Osama’s toddler’s Pakistani birth certificate


In Pakistani debriefing of Amal al-ASadah, the Yemeni wife of Osama who was shot in the assault, she claims to have lived in the Abbottabad compound for the past five years.If true, did she sneak out of the country to give birth to their infant child found on Sunday. Was that child born elsewhere?

While al Qaeda is still a force to deal with and, having unanswered questions about bin Laden, let’s shift the focus from Obama’s birth certificate to Osama’s toddler. Was he born in Pakistan?
How was that event missed by the leaders allegedly assisting the U.S. in hunting down bin Laden and other Al Qaeda terrorists.
What other senior Al Qaeda  leaders remain protected in Pakistan?
Did the wealthy Osama deliver the baby himself inside his walled home to avoid obtaining a Pakistani birth certificate for his youngest child?
As the Delta team was on scene for 40 minutes, including the noise created by blowing up one of the crippled stealth choppers, did any of the Pakistani military or Intelligence agency or local police race to the site to investigate?
As of now we have not heard word one of their arrival until after US forces departed.
We have more questions than answers about what Pakistani leaders knew about Osama living under their noses.
Let’s take a short and simple poll.
Do you believe that senior elected Pakistani leaders were protecting Osama. Yes or No?
Do you believe that members of the Pakistani Intelligence community were protecting Osama. Yes or No?
Should we cut off all aid to Pakistan?
Should we reduce U.S. a

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