Obamacare waivers. Did you make the updated list?

Welcome to the many readers who have discovered this story from 13-1/2 months ago over the past couple of days.  Please be sure to read the comments, especially the first one, which give some important context to (and introduce skepticism about aspects of) our contributor’s story.  A reminder to the 1% of you who might be in a position to pay that “tax penalty” on mandated premiums: the law contains provisions saying that you can’t be punished if you can’t pay.  Not your normal kind of “tax,” huh? — G.A.D. 6/29/2012.




While killing Osama bin Laden consumed the airwaves and print media for the past two weeks, and while we are now focused on the federal budget and our debt ceiling, the media has not addressed Obamacare waivers.
Over the past month 221 new Obamacare waivers were granted bringing the total of one year waivers to 1,372 groups that currently list over three million enrollees exempt from Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act.. There are seven categories that are broken out as follows:
39 Health Insurance Issuers covering 873,326 enrollees
457 Health reimbursement arrangements covering 116,379 enrollees
528 Self insured employers with 445,527 enrollees
315 Multi employer plans with 969,789 enrollees
27 Non Taft-Hartley union Plans covering  582,582 enrollees
4 State mandated  covering 96,314 enrollees
2 Association Plans covering 11,776 enrollees
Some examples from each group added since March 1, 2011 are as follows:
United Food & Commercial Workers Union Local 919       7048
Teamsters Local 237 Welfare Fund                               51,679
Carpenters Distr. Council of K.C. Welfare Fund              20,898
United Food & Comml Workers Local 1529                   10,459
SEIU Health Care IL                                                       5,897
CWA Local 1182 Security Benefits Fund                        7,158
Robinsdale Area Schools                                               2,108
City of Rochestor HRA                                                    7,650
Dr. DAWG/RMI                                                                    2
Philips Ace Hardware Inc                                                     7
S.F. Honda                                                                         33
Vanguard Truck Centers                                                       3
Monterey Mushrooms Inc                                               2,428
Lexus of Austin                                                                   98
Truline Trucking                                                               966
Public Employees Local 71 Trust Fund                            413
Giumarra Vinyards Corp.                                                1,693
REI                                                                                1,180
Local 444 Sanitation Officers Assn                                 2,538
N.Y. State Nurses welfare Plan                                     19,518
ASE/AFSCME Local 52                                                    774
In reviewing the federal data there were no waivers granted since last Oct to “Assoc. Plans” and no new additions on “State Mandated” plans since Feb 18th.
Notice that I intentionally selected firms from two participants to over 50,000.
The following links contain the entire listing for your verification.




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