Arnold, Dominique, Mark Sanford, John Ensign, John Edwards….Newt and Tiger.





Years ago Congressman John Schmitz caused quite a stir.  Congressman John was one of the first vociferous Orange County Conservatives that took great chances that even included supporting George Wallace as a third party candidate.  Schmitz was a Catholic, a devoted family man and one who yearned for the days of ethics, honor and honesty.

Those wheels all came off when it was discovered that he had a baby with the housemaid.  As the scenario unravled it was found that Schmitz was paying for the baby’s welfare along with a few bucks for the husband that was serving as surrogate parents with the housemaid.  It was also found that hair had been wrapped around the baby’s penis and the fact that Schmitz’s wife knew about all of it was disturbing to say the least.

Mary Jo (Schmitz) Laterno was the then to be famous daughter  that wound up having sex with one of her 13 year old students during her teaching years.  As we know now….Mary Jo went to jail a couple of times on the way to waiting for her 13 year old to get to be 18 – so they could be married.

As we look with “Shock and Awe” at the limits being broken by powerful men either as Government Power Brokers, Sports Heroes, Corporate Mavens or Bureaucractic – self appointed godless criminals…….the spin has become a huge blue blur of seedy, low-life behavior.  Whether it is the French Rapist, the Appalcian Trail Hiker, the Nevada Twister Champion, Fast Johnny Edwards…dumping his wife in mid-stream, along with Congressman Bob Barr and of course Newt Gingrich…..The “now and forever” Tiger texting…..and now the unbelievable Arnold of Sunny Brook Farms!

How should the public react to these terrible examples of mankind?  How should we reward those that have little or no self-respect, let alone any respect for their constituents, friends, families – states or country?  It becomes obvious that those we have mentioned have no clue what to do with their power or their egos.  Steven Segal was in a movie called: “Above the Law”.  Perhaps those so notated should take another look at that movie.

To the families and those affected by these great slime monsters……our prayers be with you!  The monumental harm these great jokers of our society have done to the following generations is truly without par.   Thusly, they are deserving of being treated much the same as they have treated us:  With the same distain and disingenuous sorrow!

So, to begin; To Governor Arnold:  Good by and Good Luck!

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