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This weekend I saw Atlas Shrugged, and I loved it.  I had some issues, but over all, I thought it remained true to Ayn Rand’s novel of the same name.  We’ll talk about it. Last week I posted a review by Steven Greenhut called Audience Didn’t Shrug at Atlas Screening, and this week, he’s posted an updated review, Statists Fear ‘Atlas Shrugged’Flick about the film.

A property rights victory in National City is a stark example of the abuse of Redevelopment to rob poor of their property, by politicians and big rich developers who want it for private development.  Blight is the slur used to justify the legal power for Government to steal land and disrupt and destroy community.  How does this recent court victory impact the future of Redevelopment?

A just released L.A. Times/USC Poll says Latinos self describe as “conservative” more than their  non-Latino white counter-parts.   John Seiler reports:

The poll doesn’t include blacks and Asians. And it doesn’t get more specific by including “libertarian” among its political labels, presumably subsuming that into “conservative.” Moreover, political labels nowadays are much fuzzier than they were a decade or more ago.

Still, how do we explain that Latinos, at base, are “conservative,” yet vote for liberal Democrats in California?

John puts forth his opinion in answer to this question.  I have a few theories of my own.

Other Stories, if we have time:
Poor Should Pay Their Fair Share

Steven Greenhut: “I was recently on a left-leaning radio show where the host and callers echoed the standard Democratic talking point that the key to solving the state’s budget crisis is to make the rich pay their fair share of taxes. If the rich paid their fair share, of course, the tax burden would increase dramatically on the middle class and poor given that the rich pay far more than their fair share.”

More San Francisco companies wonder why Twitter’s tax break would be exclusive
Crony Capitalism thrives in leftist San Francisco.

In Court rejects retro pension cut, what’s next? Ed Mendel writes about Orange County’s failed lawsuit attempt to reverse a retroactive pension increase for Deputy Sheriffs. I found the comments most interesting.  We’ll talk about the significance of this lawsuit in the future of Public Employee Pension reforms for California.

In The Return of Bilingual Ed Plague? John Seiler looks at the history of bilingual education, the politics, costs, failures and detriments.  I personally don’t have an issue with bilingual education in theory, but, like education in general, it’s all in the delivery, quality and the measurable results, and first you have to clear the political hurdles. I would have loved to raise my sons to be bilingual, and schooled in both languages. If we had had the financial means to be  free to choose, if Government was not the purveyor, save for the rich who can afford private schools of their choice, it would have been possible and it would have been my preference.  Why?  I’ll tell you why.

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