Obama speaks and doubles down on Trumps again!




Donald Trump is an offensive, ego manic self-centered so and so.  Truck drivers without breeding have better sense of propriety than Donald Trump.  Trump is not a very funny person!  Ask anyone!   Donald Trump belongs on Dancing with the Stars.  Ok, Ok…..beating up on Donald Trump is boring to say the least.  Everyone knows that the guy is a twisted sister that has an ego far greater than his IQ.  But what can the President learn from “The Donald”?

President Obama came out with his birth records today.  But even if Trump had pictures of Obama’s birth with his mom sitting at the City Limits of Honolulu with a dated copy of the Honolulu Bulletin and a Honolulu police department officer and vehicle in the background…..”Birthers” would of course challenge the evidence.  When someone like Bette Midler is born in Hawaii….in 1945….no one disputes it.  We wonder if Donald Trump doubts that Bette should be able to vote….since she was born prior to Hawaii Statehood?  Sadly for the Donald, President Obama was born in Hawaii….after Statehood.

We had thought that it was only Steve Martin that was born a poor black child.  Evidently, “The Birthers” believe that Gary Powers was in some U2 Spy Plane over Kenya – August 4th, 1961 and has the photos to prove that President Obama was born in a village in a thatched hut.  Undoubtedly, Mr. Trump will be spending his own money to make sure that the various depositions from Tribal Chiefs, President Obama’s Grandma and several British Advisors on the ground there in 1961 will be able to prove beyond doubt that President Obama has a Tribal Tattoo which is unimpeachable evidence of African birth.

Meanwhile, as the President so aptly pointed out this morning:  America has a variety of pressing issues which need to be addressed by not only both parties of government…..but perhaps every citizen as well.  Unemployment is a biggie.  What did Donald Trump say about how to fix that again?  The terrible debt and the unpaid pensions and retirement plans for State, Federal and Local governments throughout the United States.  What did Donald Trump say about that issue again?  How about the high price of gasoline and energy in the country?  What was the Trump solution again?  How about dealing with our three war zones?  What were Mr. Trump’s suggestions? 

All in all….we can see that Mr. Trump is aptly and truly just pushing for his rightful place on Dancing with the Stars next season, along with Tiger Woods.

President Obama, since Mr. Trump can’t quite muster up the viable policies necessary to offer you true and honest solutions, here are a few from us:

Control Inflation at all cost.  It is seemingly already out of control.  Food, Energy and Commodities are skyrocketing.  Get a grip and if that means opening up the strategic oil reserve at a fixed price during the late summer and winter…..just fine.

Secondly, let’s handle the emerging government overthrow of current Arab countries.  Remove our troops from Afghanistan to very low levels and utilize strictly the unmanned aircraft to keep control.  Reduce strategically all combat troops from Iraq.  Finally, target Gadhafi from this day forward until he is ousted from Libyan leadership.

Back to banking.  Encourage existing small banks that have followed the rules and did not succomb to CDO’s, Hedge Funds and the like.  Lend them all the money they want for Small Business Loans and personal business expansions.  Give Congressman Issa his head on Government Oversight and make sure that illegal dealings by bankers and banking interest go punished to the upward limits possible.  Let’s keep an eagle eye on Credit Card banks to be sure that are all staying  on the rightious path of fairness to their customers.

Move forward smartly with a two tiered Pension, Retirement and Heathcare plan for all new hires in Government;  Federal, State and local.  After attrition, all new hires should be getting smaller payouts over a longer period of time.  No more 3% at 50……try 2% at 60.  Whether either party buys off on this is strictly irrelevant.  Mr. President lead the way on all these issues immediately.

Then be sure to Leave our gun rights alone.  Plain and simple!  Be sure to leave our First Amendment rights alone.  Plain and simple.  Finally, leave our 4th Amendment rights as in tact as you can and still provide for the Common Defense.

But the naysayers will endure and you will have to deal with their illogical agruments and wastes of time:

No, Mr. Trump still believes Mr. President that your mom never lived in Hawaii.  Well, if he had only asked around…he would have found many that knew your mom in Hawaii.  Many that saw your Mom and you on Kalakaua Blvd. as she walked and shopped in those days of the early 60’s.  Mr. Trump should put a full page AD in the Honolulu Bulletin asking for some old kamainas that remember seeing you and your mom when you were a baby.   Maybe offering a reward of $100,000 per event.

 Mr. President, thank you so much for coming forth on this “Trump Birther Issue”.  You did the right thing and we are very proud of you.  Now is the time to get to work on the serious issues of the day.  It will be very telling to see which Republicans finally grant you egious over the affairs of our country now. 

In a game of poker – you just beat Donald Trump.  This could be the best game of Fantasy Celebrity Poker…ever played!

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